Whats Cool and What’s Not in Politics?


What’s cool and what’s not in politics? In short, being liberal is cooler than ever and right wing ideologies are dying out fast. Today’s young people are almost exclusively liberal with the exception of a few radical ideologies that cultivate in groups of social outcasts. For a few brief years, libertarians influenced dissociated youths with their rebellious rhetoric and nihilistic flare, but the tide is rapidly turning. Young people now understand that government is necessary and virtuous, and the age old criticisms of state power have become tedious and predictable. Young people are firmly aligned with many of today’s progressive agendas; they are strongly in favor of student assistance programs, relaxation of abortion laws, strong regulations for businesses and universal healthcare. Liberalism is spreading faster than ever on college campuses, and progressive views are weaving their way into the social fabric.

Challenging these beliefs on trendy college campuses could not only get you funny looks, it could also destroy your chance of getting a date. Guys need to be particularly careful not to adopt cavalier and backward attitudes toward women’s rights as young women now have strong preferences on abortion and gender equality in the workplace. A single foot wrong could get you into serious trouble, and word spreads fast. Attending an occupy wall street protest will establish you as a bold and fearless activist, and will surely get you noticed. Turning up to a party in a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt will attract fierce opposition by liberal activists and will be an instant turn off for almost all college girls. NOBODY wants to be associated with uptight right winders and conspiracy hacks. The only way to be cool is to be liberal, and some right wingers are learning this the hard way through repeated isolation and rejection.

The Future for College Liberals

So what about work aspirations? Isn’t it cool to work for a big corporation or start your own company? Well, not as much as you might think. NGOs funded by liberal foundations such as the Clinton Foundation now offer some of the most desired career opportunities for young people. After all, young people are interested in helping people and changing society, and what better way to do that than work for an awesome NGO? In addition to the exciting work, young people are also attracted to the travel opportunities offered by sweet NGO gigs. Also, despite the impression you might get from the young libertarian minority, working for the government is becoming cool too. Working for the government and getting a government pension may be looked down upon by many right wingers, but that’s part of what makes it so cool and rebellious. It’s a big middle finger to all of the uptight rednecks and nerdy libertarians who want radical downsizes in government, and it’s a clear statement of their support for radical political action and intervention in the economy.
Liberals have a strong sense of entitlement, but it’s important to distinguish this from selfishness. Liberals are very clear that they want the government to provide welfare and assistance to all those who need it, not just themselves. Liberals don’t discriminate – they want resources to be distributed according to need and needs alone. Liberals are also energetic and opinionated. This often startles and upsets right wingers who usually come from strict authoritarian families. Right wingers have lost touch with their feelings and emotions through decades of harsh discipline and social ostracism. People on the right need to let go of their archaic patriarchal beliefs and start adopting the views of the future. Liberals dream of an equal society in which the world’s resources are distributed according to their virtuous preferences, and the more people start believing in this dream, the closer we get to making it a reality.


  1. US conservatives are hardly conservatives…They are more liberals than liberals themselves…every social issue repubs oppose,they follow it is their private life…repubs have gays,lesbians,their women go through abortions,divorces…so repubs are not different socially on this point…
    a small point of difference may be they attend right wing churches but church attendance is no longer distinguishing criteria…
    so in nutshell:
    i)both repubs n dems support huge govt
    ii) both support unrestricted defence spending,MI complex,wars,invasions
    iii)both support terrorists,secret agencies like CIA,FBI,DEA,NSA,BATF etc etc
    iv) both parties support govt snooping,police action against dissenters
    v) both parties support huge corporations,extremely biased judiciary

  2. Young people are seeing very clearly …. that society without a sound core of government …. is like a body without a skeleton …. a limp pool of protoplasm …. slopped on the floor !

  3. Welcome back MDB …. can’t wait to hear about your vacation …. on North Korea’s north eastern shore …. did you get a chance to try their Dog Bake ….. fresh dog cooked in seaweed over a beach bonfire ?

  4. MDB,you wrote:
    Liberals dream of an equal society in which the world’s resources are distributed according to their virtuous preferences, and the more people start believing in this dream, the closer we get to making it a reality.

    so far i see no equality with rich liberals…how can i be equal to them..i can give some examples ..take feinstein for example..she is alone worth more than few billions and has more power than any man in country…so will she donate her money to me to make me more equal to her?
    i always wanted to ask this question

    • Diane Feinstein doesn’t own her wealth …. like the Queen of England does …. she holds her wealth in trust …. for the oppressed peoples of the world …. she needs to be free from the dog eat dog world of Capitalism …. so she can dedicate herself to serving man !

        • How can you be so selfish??? Dianne Feinstein needs those funds to help make America better! America is filled with people in need, like minorities and women needing abortions. Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about other people! The world will be a better place, and you’ll be happier too when you realise your taxes go to those who deserve them more.

    • Congresswoman Feinstein is working 14 hours a day to restrict the use of dangerous firearms and promote equality for the most underprivileged among us. Compare that to the average CEO who pursues profit above any political principle.

      • all wasted work..feinstein makes Beria and Himmler jealous
        well feinstein should stop supporting terrorists on wall street,bank,pharma etc…and we have every right to enjoy her wealth…

  5. I recently changed my voter registration from Republican to Democrat …. it’s never too late …. to see the light …. onward one world socialism !

      • REA …. at least I’ll be treated with timeless Liberal compassion …. when I apply for my EBT card …. I’m tired of being an outcast ….. life is better for those who toe the line …. the National Socialist Line …. I was tired of being the victim of liberal witch hunts !

  6. MDB proves that vacation has only enhanced his brilliance with this screed. It is obvious that coolness is the most important thing in politics. The influential members of the media know that in order to be accepted at the smart cocktail parties of Manhattan, and Georgetown, and San Francisco, they must parrot the indisputable talking points of progressive politics. The young learn from this that there is really only one way to look at the world, and they turn to the influential minds at The New York Times, the NBC News with Brian Williams, and ESPN, to name a few, for guidance in what to think and when to think it. This is good for the youngsters and bodes well for the future of the nation.

    The real danger is that progressive ideas go out of vogue among our elite journalists and academicians. When Naziism became cool in Germany in the 1930s, everyone became a Nazi. The same thing can happen here, so it is imperative that we all pull together to make sure progressive ideas remain cool.

    • National Socialism was the most progressive …. of the European Socialist/Communist Variants in the 1930s …. it’s progressive leadership reigned supreme …. until it was seriously challenged by Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge !

    • @AccreditedCommenter, you are so right! If we are to see our country continue to reach new heights of progressiveness, we need to protect our leading intellectuals from the sloppy thinking and playground economics that is evidenced in libertarian thought. Or perhaps I should say ‘thought’! I don’t mean to be rude, but some of the nonsense they come up with… like having to own a gold mine before you can buy anything. I mean, do these people ever stop to think about the things they say??? This is why I urge everyone to support my campaign to abolish the dangerous first amendment!

      Only accredited commenters should be allowed to publish their views on the InterWebs, to ensure our leading intellectuals and the electorate who depend on them for the correct views can stay on track.

      • So true …. Accredited Aggie …. it is not necessary to let every dumb fuck have his say …. modern polling techniques …. make freedom of expression passe …. and frees our progressive thinkers …. to concentrate …. on moving socialism to a better, higher level !

      • We need government oversight …. of the shameless internet …. it is so anti-social …. the Huffington Post got it right …. they preview all the drivel …. and only post content that moves socialism forward …. kind of like Morgan Freeman is used …. to make Negroes seem likeable !

  7. I’m just another socialist roughneck ….. building Hoover …. oops …. Boulder dams for the people …. or giant hydro-electric projects in the Urals …. remember the news reels of the thirties and the forties ….. as a kid we saw them about Korea …. until the mid fifties ….. along with the Tom and Jerry cartoons …. and snack bar ads !

  8. I’m a Milton Friedman Socialist …. if you are a Bill Maher Libertarian …. speaking of Ebonix Economics ….. how do you measure the GNP …. the Gross Negro Product …. it’s always negative, a given …. but I would like to know the parameters …. it’s important, because the more negative ….. the more we have to export the work “they” should be doing …. and import labor to do the work “they” won’t do ?

  9. Elizabeth Warren is cool …. and she is a pedigreed Liberal …. from the Commonwealth of Massachusets …. she’s like a Kennedy for the poor …. if she had John Kerry’s money …. she would have given it to the state …. but, she has to conform herself …. with raiding the old wealth …. and redistributing it to the worthy poor !