The War On Women And What To Do About It


After centuries of political action by feminists we are still in the dark ages of women’s rights. Progress for women has been unacceptably slow and women’s rights are still under assault in the 21st century. Although it may feel like the fight for women’s rights never ends, we cannot give up when we’ve made so much progress. Progressives need to spearhead serious legislative changes in order to achieve gender equality in America. This article covers the major threats to women’s rights that are angering feminists and gender equality activists.

Reproductive Rights

Probably the most horrifying and backward form of gender discrimination in America is legislation restricting and regulating abortion. There has been a parabolic rise in the amount of legislation restricting abortions over the last five years, making it more difficult and stressful than ever for a woman to make this already difficult choice. It is absolutely abhorrent that in the 21st century a woman is unable to conduct a simple operation on her own body in order to absolve herself and family from overwhelming responsibility.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Despite centuries of feminist political action, women still earn far less than men in the workplace. This trend is so pervasive that it shows up in every industry across the board. It is a crime that pregnancy is still a barrier for entry into the workplace, when employers have record corporate profits with which to fund pregnancy leave and maternity leave. This shocking chart shows women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s earnings for all the major industries:


Discrimination in Education

Although gender equality has been achieved for a variety of majors at many colleges, there is still a glaring disparity in the number of women in the hard sciences such as mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science. This disparity is particularly true at the leading science and engineering colleges such as MIT, Harvard and Stanford. What good is gender equality in education if it only applies to softer majors such as the arts, humanities and social sciences? These majors have always been more welcoming to women. Now it’s time for the traditionally male dominated fields to start giving women a chance.



The feminists who dedicated their lives to the fight for gender equality must be rolling in their graves at the state of women’s rights in America today. We need to start accelerating women’s rights in the 21st century. It’s up to all of us to make sure that the talents and efforts of women are rewarded justly and that every American has the right to pursue success and happiness regardless of gender, race or cultural background.


  1. There should be rigid quotas for women in science and engineering, with requirement that at least 50% of graduates are women. I am saying “at least 50%” since in reality their share should be substantially greater to mitigate thousands of years of sexist oppression endured by women currently entering workforce.

    • And what about minority women? Can you imagine how difficult it is for an Asian Woman to make it into the Ivy League? Aside from guaranteed quotas, we must create a +10 “handicap” for all test scores if the applicant is Asian.

      • Yes, I think quotas are absolutely necessary at this point. If there is anything we’ve learned over the last century it’s that the longer we allow inequality, the worse it gets. It’s time to put a stop to discrimination once and for all.

      • what’s an “Asian”? I don’t see them on television or in movies or when we’re discussing diversity. This is simply some category you’ve made up to derail a serious discussion. If they existed as a legitimate minority category, I would see them in light beer commercials, at least one in every group of 4 people.

    • your proposal simply doesn’t go far enough. STEM educations are historically hostile to women and minorities, as evinced by the massive underrepresentation of them in those degree concentrations. Clearly, STEM departments are inhabited by rednecks, Neanderthals, and cretins, who simply don’t have the enlightenment or reason to understand the meaning of the word “fairness” and to return the wealth that they stole.

      Corporations and especially government must begin hiring women and minorities for these high-dollar engineering positions without regard to whether they have an engineering degree, which is itself merely a stamp of the white privilege patriarchy. There is no reason to subject women and minorities to the oppression of a STEM education and the potential to even be brutally raped by members of the lacrosse team. College is clearly a hostile climate for women and minorities and so why even force them to go? There’s no reason in 2013 why a woman with a sociology degree or even just a GED should not have the opportunity to earn the paycheck that some knuckledragger with an engineering degree currently gets. This is a new era of equality for all; we can have anything we want if we simply dream hard enough for it.

      • Great point Trav777! Please excuse me for not going far enough in my suggestions. The reason is obviously that even though I am trying very hard to extinguish last vestiges of patriarchal thinking in myself, I can never be successful since I am a man and as such inherently inferior!

    • easy fix, when more women start majoring and FINISHING those degree (which are kinda hard by the way) then you can have the stats you want. DID YOU HEAR THAT, YES, YOU WOMEN must actually major and pass all of the curriculum required to earn a science or engineering degree! Females already make up more than 50% of who attends university now a days btw…

      • excuse me? What kind of nonprogressive hate speech is this? Blaming women for what women do? WTF are you, some kind of redneck bigot? The reason women do not graduate with STEM degrees is clearly because of white male patriarchy and sexist oppression, not because the majors are “hard” or women aren’t naturally as good at or as drawn to math and science as men. STEM departments are hostile climates for women and minorities because the people who inhabit STEM departments are obviously the least intelligent and most ignorant people around, otherwise there would clearly be FAR MORE diversity representation! The proof is simply in the pudding on this one!

        Whenever you don’t have diversity, you DO have a hostile and oppressive environment that doesn’t present opportunities to women and minorities. This is the ONLY reason there could be lack of representation, because we are ALL the same. Race and gender are just social constructs. They have no biological validity. Any disagreement with this is just hate and intolerance.

    • I would go even further, drB… Science itself ought to be *transformed*! – Get rid of the hegemony of patriarchal dogma in the philosophy & method of science. – Let’s make science as a whole more *humane*, more *caring*… more about the *collective welfare* of our communities, which it rightfully ought to serve…

      I proprose a rebalancing of science: – de-emphasize all that stuffy masculine, ‘nuts & bolts’ stuff… – logic, reason, boring men in white coats & clipboards… stultifying rigour!… Science needs to *reconnect* with Mother Earth!…

      It needs more feminine values for that: – Intuition! Emotion! ‘Fuzzy-Logic’!… – A wilfully eclectic, free-form approach to methodology & systems. A socially organized R&D & production ethos, concerned with the completely equitable distribution of both the labor & fruits of our scientific & technological boons, made freely available to all, in accord with the principles of perfectly socialized harmony & balance!…

  2. There should be rigid quotas for women in battle deaths, loss of custody of children, alimony payments, average life span,suicide rates, imprisonment, prison sentences and participation in, and death from, dangerous, hard and dirty work, with requirement that at least 50% of graduates die, suffer and pay. I am saying β€œat least 50%” since in reality their share should be substantially greater to mitigate thousands of years of men dying and suffering in these respects.

    • I was watching youtube battle footage on our “War on Terror” in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq and I was terribly offended that there were hardly any women “represented” in the battlefield. How can our armed forces be so blatantly sexist? To address this injustice perhaps they should deploy “All Women” commando teams in Syria and Iran as our “War on Terror” escalates.

      • I completely agree! And I would add that at least 50% of congress and senate-people should be women! In fact, Congress and Senate should pass a law of “affirmative action in elections”! If they do not, they are sexists!

    • I’m sorry, sir, but that type of sarcasm simply isn’t acceptable on this accredited blog. I simply won’t let that stand.

      Bad things happening in equal percentages is NOT fairness. When we discuss fairness and equality, we mean benefits and positive outcomes. There is nothing wrong with men dying at higher rates than women, because that is something that men cause to themselves. Men are incarcerated more because they commit more crimes.

      On the flip side, women are not causing themselves to earn less. what’s causing them to earn less is sexism, just like what causes blacks to be incarcerated more is racism. If there is a disparity in favor of white males, it is racism and sexism. Any disparity in favor of another group is the result of an outcome justified by objective superiority. Having women die in equal numbers to men is NOT progress. Having no women die while men die IS.

      Clearly you have a long way to go to be a progressive.

    • Site Admins,

      Please ban makj for using insensitive language that many will find emotionally upsetting. This is a progressive blog and we expect an educated audience that behaves in a civilized manner.

      • I don’t know about markj, but I’d say we tackle gender equality by focusing on BOTH genders. Like men being the majority of workplace deaths, being the minority in college enrolments, having almost no support in cases of domestic violence, being 2 to 4 times more likely to commit suicide, prostate cancer receiving a fraction of the funding and publicity breast cancer gets and so on.

        Equality means fighting for everyone’s rights, not only women’s.

      • Clearly, congress needs to act with bold and sweeping legislation to address this.

        Movies and TV have shown us that women are superior to men, even in matters of fighting and physical strength. So why is it that when I look around, I do not see this? CLEARLY, society is discriminatory and needs to be legislated.

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    • As an Accredited Autistic, I am qualified to speak for the entire ‘retard’ community, as you so *dis-gustingly* refer to us, when I say that I am *highly* offended by your *extremely* hurtful & discriminatory *HATE SPEECH*!!!… GO GARGLE SOME CAUSTIC YOU NASTY HATER, YOU!!!!!…

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  3. Because of old white men wanting to oppress women and minorities the situation will never change until government is more involved. We need a salary board that will determine salary levels at all business public and private. The only way women and minorities can close the gap is for the government to guarantee fairness and tell businesses what salaries they are required to pay

  4. Streep and Clinton? They aren’t women. They are overpaid media personalities! Real women nurture not exploit. By definition the female gives birth and nutures the offspring. Can there be a more noble calling? Think of your grandmother. If these two had there way our species would cease to exist. Real people bear the burden of what these two charictures consume. This article is bullshit.

    • A “real” women will be whatever the enlightened progressives decide for her to be throughout her socially engineered existence. Also, see the term – “Divide and conquer” and how it is has been applied via media for the “good” of both sexes. That is all.

    • I am stunned that an unenlightened perspective such as this is even allowed to exist in 2013, much less appear on an accredited blog. Your notions of women are contrary to science and evolution and are some kind of religious whackjobbery. Do you suppose women’s function is to bear offspring??? This is just unnatural, this assertion that there is any difference between men and women. Race and gender are SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS. What is it going to take for you cretins to GET IT?

      When we finally achieve a fair and peaceful, progressive society of equality and sharing and tolerance we will KILL people like you in the most painful way imaginable.

      • Trav,

        I agree with most of what you say here except for the killing part. There are no evil people, they are only sick people and we must do our best to heal them.

        The commenter “A Bull” is most likely a victim of a traumatic childhood (probably sexually abused at home and bullied in high school) which has developed into a neurotic hatred for women. I believe that with the proper psychological counseling and medication we can turn him into a productive member of society once more.

      • Achtung “A Bull’!!! You vill report to ze nearest re-education, tax-payer funded FEMA camp post haste. This has been decided by your enlightened and progressive Ubergruppenfuhrers. Fear not, it is for your good so you may be reformed to better serve ze masters (er, ve mean societee).

      • @Nunya,

        while everyone here has a serious discussion about improving the equality and life of women, you are engaging in offensive sarcasm. This kind of behavior is uncalled for at this site and will not help in fostering true equality. I suggest you excuse yourself from posting here.

  5. I think we can all agree that we must impose strict quotas on the hiring and compensation of the victims of this war on women, i.e. the women. Women must compose at least 50% of every occupation, every student body, every military unit. And they must be paid a wage reflective of their status as oppressed minorities, rather than one based on such vague measures as qualifications for the job. No one can argue at this point that women should not be paid more than men for equal work.

    But in addition, it is clear that reparations are in order. The nation has waged this vicious war since its inception. The only sensible and just solution is to place Hillary Clinton in the White House, where she can use her singular talents to right the wrongs of past centuries. Then this nation can begin to heal.

    • Great comment, AccreditedCommenter! I will add that placing Hillary Clinton in the White House is only the start in dismantling the old patriarchal, oppressive system. I argue that the next step should be reserving Presidents’ position only to women, and requiring that in elections, if one of the candidates is a woman, she is elected by default!

      • you both are very wise…this racist patriarchy we have needs to die swiftly.

        I watch TV and I see that the white man really is only good at being pathetic. His women can and do kick his ass and they all pine after strong, wise, super intelligent minority males.

        Accepting this as a true reflection on society, I must marvel at the depths of the evil of the white man that he could have stolen all of the inventions from minorities and women such as air conditioning and the transistor and even obviously erased the knowledge from the brains of his victims using what must have been black magic or something like that.

        The severity of the evil necessary to have overcome the obvious strength advantages of women and intelligence advantages of minorities justifies any and all measures to redress this legacy of harm.

      • & you’re forgetting, of course: – repeal term limits for female post-holders… You are of course absolutely correct, as always, Accredited Academician; – our society is *far* safer in the hands of women, whose natural maternal instincts, diplomatic & negotiational savvy, tactical & strategic shrewdness, & nuanced, grasp of subtle social complexities, make them excellent candidates & really, the only *sane* choice…

    • Let us not forget that Hollywood and the mainstream media are also guilty for promoting the female stereotype as the “weaker sex”.

      Why can’t we have more movies where strong and intellectually gifted women rescue the helpless man in distress?

      Why is it when a man is weak they call him a pussy? When a man is weak a man is weak there is nothing feminine about it. In fact, if a man is weak what he precisely needs is a woman to rescue him.

      • GI Jane showed us all that women CAN excel even in bastions of sexism such as the Navy Seals…that proved it conclusively. Anyone who disagrees is ignorant.

        From TV and movies, any good progressive understands that women are the SAME as men, except smarter and stronger, and that minorities (this does not mean that phony category, “Asians”) are the SAME as whites, except smarter and stronger and wiser, slower to anger, much more deliberative and contemplative, more athletic, and pretty much superior in every way. TV is the only place where women and minorities aren’t oppressed and held down by the white male privilege system. On TV, women are free to be the super strong, ass kicking heroes that they were meant to be by nature, and minorities are finally given the opportunity to be freakishly intelligent ultrascientist inventors with big muscles. Kind of like comic book superheroes except real.

      • Excellent idea. We need the government to create a movie board so that scripts which promote negative gender stereo types could be banned and only accredited movies would be allowed.

  6. Excellent post as usual, MDB, but you only touch on one of the major factors holding back our progress towards gender equality: pregnancy. This burden falls unfairly and unequally on women, denying them a place in the workforce for extended periods during the crucial developmental years of their careers. Surely with the advances in technology, medicine, and above all organizational sociology, we can solve this problem. No doubt the private sector will require a helping hand from the federal government, but if economically successful nations like China can deal with this issue, so can we.

    Possible ways to level the playing field: (1) regulations assisting women in the timing and number of pregnancies during the key training portion of their business lives (roughly, ages 18-35); (2) requiring businesses to place a male employee on paid leave whenever a woman is on pregnancy leave (*note: this could also stimulate employment by inducing hiring of temporary substitute staff); (3) regulating the hiring of anyone of either sex in their early 20s, the prime childbearing years (*notes: [a] this would improve the employment picture for older Americans, and could be coupled with a raising of the retirement age to address our pension underfunding issues; [b] able-bodied young adults could be encouraged to work voluntarily on government projects, allowing expansion of federal services to the public at little or no cost); (4) and, obviously, developing biomedical solutions to ensure that men do their fare share of socially necessary gestation and birthing tasks, leaving more women free to pursue their work lives.

    There is another possibility, but one that might prove controversial, namely “offshoring” reproductive functions to foreign suppliers. Great care would have to be taken to ensure that our shameful legacy of sexist discrimination is not simply shifted to a different milieu, or coercively imposed through imperial aggression. Nevertheless, the existence of other nations with far lower earnings disparities, and much less income inequality overall (particularly in the developing world) suggests a possibility that should be explored.

    To the extent that women suffer inequality in particular professions, these remedies could be implemented selectively to produce the desired result. For example, to maximize their advancement, it might be best if female workers in engineering and the hard sciences did not have children at all: and since those fields are so heavily dependent on federal funding and military expenditures, it should not be difficult to implement appropriate guidelines, conditions and oversight to achieve this important goal.


    • The off-shoring of reproductive tasks is a trend I have seen among mostly the wealthy due to the costs involved. This is why we need Government involved to make this affordable to everyone. Does Obamacare cover off-shore surrogate pregnancy services? If not, then I would suggest we write our congressmen to amend for its inclusion.

      • Good point! However, I would suggest that this change, like other recent alterations of the new healthcare system, simply be imposed by executive order. Congressional involvement in this sort of lawmaking is not necessary, and would only provide an opportunity for certain backwards and obstructionist legislators to frustrate these efforts to achieve equality.

  7. I am just amazed at all these progressive ideas, particularly regulating pregnancy and TV scripts to promote equality. A government salary board to mandate what businesses are required to pay for each job, mandatory inclusion of international surrogacy benefits in Obamacare. Forward!

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  11. Revisiting this blog over the past weeks, I am astonished at the lack of accredited reporting on our president’s brave confrontation of human rights abuses in Syria. It is long past time for our government to take military action (no, not “make war,” as partisan opponents would have it). The need for armed humanitarian intervention is particularly acute since the tyrant in Damascus has focused his murderous assaults on people of color. And the youtube videos are unimpeachable evidence that Assad also has been conducting a very real and very deadly War on Women! If the Syrian opposition achieves control of that long-suffering country and deposes the reactionary regime, it will bring a bright new day for the women of Syria, as well as its ethnic and religious minorities, LGBT community and other oppressed peoples.

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      • Welcome back then, MDB! I hope you enjoyed your vacation. are now rested, and will soon be ready to share your authoritative analysis of today’s pressing issues.

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