Anatomy of a Trump Supporter


Donald Trump’s chilling rise in the polls is leaving progressive Americans puzzled and shocked. Despite being an obvious racist, sexist, homophobe and misogynist, he still seems to garner avid support from a certain subculture within America. This article takes a closer look at the types of people who are rallying behind Trump, despite his bigoted views, his gaffs and his radical positions on so many issues.

The first thing you notice when you look at a Trump rally is that that the audience is overwhelmingly white. Trump has tried to hide this embarrassing fact by inviting (or bribing) African American speakers to introduce his rallies, but the fact that his crowds are an ethnic monoculture remains obvious to the rest of America. The fact that so few minorities feel comfortable attending a Trump rally raises questions about how welcoming Trump’s supporters are to other races. This coupled with their irrational hatred of President Obama, their anti-immigration stance, their contempt for Black Lives Matter, and Trump’s dubious ‘denouncement’ of David Duke’s endorsement, should have any rational person questioning whether there are racist undertones to the Trump campaign. After attending a Trump rally, some African American reporters claimed that the atmosphere reeked of a clan gathering, with crowds of white bearded males in baseball caps screaming hateful slogans and waiving anti-Immigration signs.

The second thing you notice about a Trump rally, is that there are significantly fewer women and girls than you typically see at a Bernie or Hillary rally. Indeed, Trump’s support among women has fallen to dramatic lows after his outrageous statement that women who have illegal abortions should be ‘punished’. A recent Gallup poll revealed that a shocking 70% of women have an unfavorable view of Trump, which shows that his misogyny has not been without consequence.


The violent tendencies of Trump supporters have also taken the nation by shock, with numerous accounts of reporters and protesters being physically assaulted and verbally abused at Trump rallies. In one of the latest incident’s, female reporter Michelle Fields was brutally thrown to the ground by none other than Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski! Shortly after the event, Michelle tweeted pictures of her arm covered in bruises, revealing the brutality with which Lewandowski had attacked her. Lewandowski claimed that he was only trying to ‘protect’ Mr. Trump, despite the fact that any sane person would not regard a female reporter simply asking a question as a credible security threat. In another incident, a male Trump supporter pepper sprayed a young female protester, after she was sexually assaulted by another male Trump supporter. The violence was so bad at a rally in Chicago that the event had to be called off. Trump refuses to apologize for the violence at his rallies to this day, preferring to blame his opposition.

The typical Trump supporter resembles the worst of American culture: angry, racist, bigoted white males from America’s backwaters and flyover states. These are the same people that oppose measures to save our planet from climate change, and the same people that oppose common sense gun laws to prevent mass shootings. It is this group that rejects progress on every front, standing between America and the future. If we want to ever become a forward-thinking liberal democracy like Europe or Canada, we have to fix this stubborn and deranged mentality, or we will never have the society we want. Trump has only served to embolden these people, and it is imperative for the future of American liberalism that Trump is stopped by any means necessary. If we let this backward element of society take control of our politics, then our decades of hard work to bring progressive values to America, will have been all for nothing.


  1. Long winded way to simply state the truth- Trump is like HITLER.

    I mean, who could look at his history, his business track record, his life, and NOT immediately have it jump out as glaringly obvious that “this guy wants to kill 7.0 million jews”??

    He’s clearly just like Hitler. And his supporters are like Nazis. There is no good reason for a bunch of white people to EVER gather together without appropriate amounts of women and minorities present. If white men are gathered together and they *do not see* sufficient diversity in the gathering, they should IMMEDIATELY notify the authorities that a hate group is forming and there is a clear and present danger to diversity and tolerance that needs to be dealt with violently in the name of peace and inclusion.

    Exceptions can be made for basketball games and other approved activities where said white men are applauding, idolizing, or otherwise worshipping minorities.

    The David Duke endorsement is particularly egregious. Racists might claim that groups like NAMBLA support democratic candidates regularly, but this is irrelevant. We are talking about HATE here. Anyone who’s ever watched David Duke on youtube KNOWS that all he ever says is “kill kill kill kill jews and minorities. 7.0 million of them. Now.” It’s like that is on a sampler just playing over and over again, explaining why he has such a broad following. He doesn’t reasonably articulate a pro-white or -European perspective and call out the sickness of those who oppose it, he’s a fucking hater, KLU KLUX KLAN great grand wizard who only seeks to OPPRESS the disadvantaged and those who have been denied access. People on the right don’t use facts and logic, they use HATE. Even if their statements are “true” what difference does that make? It didn’t make a difference in Benghazi and it doesn’t now either! What matters is how people FEEL. FEELINGS matter. LOVE matters. It is the current year and we live in an interconnected world.

    • He even has German ancestry and Aryan features, so he DOES actually have NAZI genetics. The parallels are obvious. Why did he change his name from Drumpf to Trump? Well, to hide his past obviously. All the signs of white supremacism are there, but IDIOTS on the right either can’t see it, or they are racist and agree with it. It’s disgusting.

      • Your an idiot. Playing with words dosen’t make you smart. You will vote for Hillary because of genitalia. By the way dumbass, she is not the first woman to run for president. You can’t even get that fact correct. You should write yourself into a corner and stay there. Maybe it will save someone from being exposed to you.

  2. Trump IS the new Hitler! There is not a shadow of doubt – a charlatan who revels in the adulation of white male supremacists.

    Every single policy statement he has made has been racist and misogynist.

    Every. Single. One.

    The Trumpettes are all clearly the toothless fly-over ‘baccy-chewing hermits and hillbillies who could probably get a lead role in “Deliverance II” if they could enunciate “Squeal like a pig!” properly.

    We need Hillary – right now!

  3. We do not need to do a dissection of a Trump supporter – that would be murder.

    It is obvious what is inside a Trump supporter. And it’s empty! We can pass a law to force he/she/it to voluntarily reveal their insides, but why bother when we already know the answer?