Diversifying America’s Demographics: A Path to a More Progressive Society?


America has come a long way since its inception as a society dominated by an oppressive, racist and patriarchal monoculture. Over the last 50 years, America’s cultural and ethnic makeup has shifted dramatically, enriching our lives and strengthening our country as a result. This has altered America’s political landscape with new ideas and perspectives, breaking the inertia of America’s conservative white patriarchy. This article looks at some of the exciting demographic trends that are changing America’s political and economic landscape for good, and making America far more agreeable to progressive values.

America’s Great Demographic Shift

In 1965, the US government signed the “Immigration and Nationality Act” into law, marking an end to the preferential treatment of European born immigrants that has shaped America’s dark and oppressive past. This marked the beginning of a shift in America’s demographic makeup, as immigrants from a wide range of countries began to flock to America to enjoy the fruits of modern civilization that they had been denied for so long. This has resulted in a sea change in the demographic makeup of America, with the white population giving way to a more diverse group of ethnic backgrounds.

The Political Implications

White non-Hispanics are the most conservative ethnic group in America, and are thus typically the greatest obstacle to progress. Other ethnic groups are far more likely to have liberal political views, and are more enthusiastic about advancing progressive principles such as sensible gun control laws, assistance for women and minorities, and increasing the minimum wage. By reducing the white demographic in favor of more diverse groups, we are making the political landscape in America more permeable to liberal ideas.

demographic party affiliations

Younger Americans are also less stuck in the ways of the past and more open to progress, and thanks to the lowering of the voting age, young Americans are now able to voice their dissatisfaction with dated conservative politics. Non-white demographics have far higher birth rates than whites, so the greater the proportion of these demographics, the younger the population stays. By providing economic assistance to many of these groups at a punitive cost to the historically oppressive white majority, we are able to enhance the difference in birth rates even further, both decreasing the average age and increasing the ethnic diversity of the population even more.


A Country that Represents the World

Diversity is our strength. The economy is like a giant intelligent system, aggregating the opinions, perspectives and decisions of every participant, and producing technological innovations and economic prosperity. The more diverse the participants, the richer the input, and the more innovative and economically competitive our nation becomes. America is a country of immigrants, and we need to start realizing that we live in a globalized world, with a myriad of cultures and perspectives. Our country needs to start representing the true makeup of our global economy, and not some stagnant ethnic monoculture. The economy is becoming more global every day, and if we fail to adapt, we risk being left behind in the global marketplace. America needs to lead the way in fostering diversity, because not only is that the path to a more progressive society; it is also the only way for our country to remain economically competitive in an increasingly global economy.


  1. this is absolutely true! Diversity is our greatest strength. Think of all the things diversity gives us…you can spend all day talking about the exciting new ethnic restaurants we can eat at.

    Only bigoted white racists fail to see this. Multiculturalism is the future.

    Diversity is so important because we all bleed red and are all part of the HUMAN race. Racism is so outdated in the current year, and those still clinging to these old ways are on the wrong side of history.

    ALL humans are the same, and that’s why diversity is so important! As individual races (which don’t actually exist) disappear, our diversity will only be enhanced as all people become more alike!

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is clearly a racist. The days of white supremacy in the USA (where Asians have the highest socioeconomic outcomes) are OVER- pay attention you privileged white racists. Your days are numbered and your system of white privilege that caused Asians to have the lowest arrest rates and highest average incomes is FINISHED. NO LONGER will you whites be sitting almost on top of the pyramid with Asians above you. You have tried to exclude EVERYONE else who isn’t white and controlled all the power and every institution for YOUR benefit. This system is how whites are the #2 race in average SES. Because slavery.

    More diversity will mean more progressive voters, more right-thinking liberal social policies and more taxing of rich, white privilege to the benefit of the other, disadvantaged races.

    Those demographics numbers from 1960 are EMBARRASSING. Is it any wonder that the USA achieved next to nothing significant with this population? The only significant endeavor back then was white supremacy, racism, and segregation. There were no major scientific or economic successes before diversity strengthened us all. It’s very clear when looking at the history of the US that things didn’t get done until diversity. Because diversity is the greatest strength and we are a nation of immigrants. The ONLY true Americans are immigrants.

    Oh, here is a great blog discussing the wonders of diversity written in a similar style to Accredited Times. Everyone should read and enjoy:


    • I absolutely agree that those who oppose these trends are on the wrong side of history. The white American patriarchy has had its time, and now it’s time for others to succeed. We can’t have one group of people succeeding at the expense of everyone else forever. At some point, that group has to give something back to those oppressed groups who aren’t doing as well. Thank you for the link – I’m glad to see that we are not alone in our quest to spread progressive values and make America a truly diverse liberal democracy!

      • History has shown that diversity does not work, period.

        You need to get rid of all notions of race completely. Otherwise you’re a racist. We can achieve this ultimate solution when the government equalizes inequality by leveling the playing field for everyone. This will create the one true race: the American race.

    • Typical conservative response. This is the kind of violent racist attitude that has left our country in an endless depression of not only the economy but the very soul of our society. I can only pray to Gaia in hopes that people like you can understand the negative impact of white culture and why racial diversity is the only solution to our global society.

      • a) I’m a non-white Hispanic male. b) I’m a registered Democrat and Hillary supporter. c) I never said anything about anyone’s race.

        • My apologies. As a fellow progressive, I can understand the frustration and emotional outbursts that come with having to deal with racist misogynists on a daily basis. As victims we need support those that will bring an end to patriarchal rule and usher in a new age of democracy and enlightenment.