In Defense of Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s reputation has come under fire in recent months, as republicans desperately try to derail her presidential campaign. Conservatives have stopped at nothing to discredit her, from exaggerating the emails ‘scandal’ to probing her husband’s personal affairs. So far none of it has amounted to anything significant, and no major scandals have been reported in any respected media outlets. The attempts to smear Hillary smack of desperation, and do very little to detract from her exceptional track record and strength of character.

Hillary’s breadth of experience ranges from foreign policy and national security, to fiscal policy and job creation. Her years in the senate and as Secretary of State have exposed her to some of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history, such as the war on terror, the financial crisis of 2007-08 and the Arab spring. Through her responses to each of these crises, Hillary has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes to lead and defend this nation. Perhaps what is most admirable about Hillary, is that despite being a democrat she is not afraid to take a hard line position when it comes to terrorism and foreign policy. Following the September 11 attacks, Hillary strongly supported military action in Afghanistan and our intervention in Iraq. She also supported the patriot act in an effort to fight and prevent terrorism both domestically and abroad, despite opposition from some of the more liberal members of her party. Thus Hillary has been both a strong supporter of social policies to uplift the most disadvantaged in our society, yet at the same time taken a strong stance on terror and foreign policy.

In 2011, after her appointment as Secretary of State by President Obama, Hillary faced a crisis in Libya as human rights protests against Muammar Gaddafi’s tyrannical regime began to escalate into civil war. Faced with the tough decision of whether to intervene, Hillary took heed from UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Samantha Power of the National Security Council, and decided to intervene on the side of Libya’s freedom fighters. This intervention, although not strictly an act of war, lead to the successful overthrow of Gaddafi and the institution of a free Libya. Hillary’s adversaries have criticized her decision to intervene in Libya, claiming that Gaddafi’s rule was somehow preferable to the new leadership, but the hoards of protesters crying out against Gaddafi’s human rights abuses would no doubt beg to differ. Libya is still in the process of rebuilding itself, but there is little doubt that the future for its people is both bright and filled with hope and freedom.

Conservatives tried to question Hillary’s role as Secretary of State in 2012, when a group of militants attacked the American Diplomatic Compound in Libya, tragically killing the US Ambassador and killing and injuring several others. Hillary’s detractors claimed that she was  warned of insufficient security at the compound before the attack. However experts have subsequently admitted that the situation was largely out of her control, and that it is ludicrous to give the Secretary of State sole responsibility for this unfortunate event.

Hillary later came under fire for keeping her work related emails on a private email server, a story that was blown so far out of proportion that conservatives were talking about her ‘prosecution’ and ‘imprisonment’. To this day, there has been no legal action against her for these supposed crimes, despite a large number of right-wing pundits claiming that this was a criminal offense.

Other attempts to taint Hillary’s reputation include delving into the personal affairs of her husband, which even if true, are entirely out of her control. It’s sad that the opponents of Hillary cannot seem to debate her on the issues that really matter to the electorate, and would rather attack her character in order to undermine her campaign. Luckily, the majority of Americans are not buying the lies of the smear campaigns , and are making their decisions to support her based on her solid track record and campaign promises. I hope for the sake our nation, that we can learn to partake in civil discourse and keep the sleaze out of politics. Voters should be able to make up their minds about candidates without irresponsible pundits clouding their judgment with propaganda, half-truths and slander.


  1. Concur. HIllary rightly supported the Iraq intervention, even though Bush lied and millions died. SHE did the right thing based upon Bush’s lies. She is not complicit in ANY way in the war crimes as she had access to all the same intel that Bush did, because she’s a democrat. Her motivation was for humanitarian purposes and freedom, whereas Bush was trying to enrich Cheney and Haliburton.

    The same is true of all the wars she has agreed with- they were ALL justified and virtuous because she’s a democrat and it wasn’t Bush. In Benghazi, seriously, what difference does it make? Hillary had a proven case of amnesia from hitting her head and suffering a concussion. She cannot be held responsible for any of that. We should band together and blame Bush for it! HE is to blame!

    Hillary is a strong supporter of ISRAEL. ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL. This is the single issue that matters most! They are our greatest ally in history and the only democracy in the middle east! Therefore, we must do whatever they want, including destroy entire countries so that they can feel safer. When jihadists car bomb Israel it is terrorism, but when Israel car bombs scientists just doing their jobs, it is self-defense!

    And Israel doesn’t like Iran, so Hillary rightly hates Iran too and wants to attack it immediately and free it from the clutches of evil Islamic mullahs bent on world destruction and Armageddon. Even now we learn of “links” between Iran and 9/11…I think a clear case can be made that they had links like Saddam did, which is why Hillary supported attacking Iraq. It is no wonder that our allies in the Middle East, these bastions of tolerance, diversity, and peace, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and UAE desire to see Iran utterly destroyed.

    Russia doesn’t want this, and this is why Hillary hates Russia and wants to apocalyptically annihilate them and Iran in order to stop them from starting Armageddon!!! As she is a democrat and has brown people behind her and supporting her, we can be sure that everything she says is virtuous and justified.

    • Yes Trav, totally agree. Let’s be clear here though – the democrats are not advocating war. Libya was a humanitarian intervention, not an act of war. This sets democrats apart from rethuglicans who are interested in straight out war in order to enrich oil companies – they don’t care about helping people, only destroying things. Yes, I forgot to mention that Hillary is also a very strong supporter of Israel. We need someone in the white house who is a PROUD supporter of Israel, not somebody who is ashamed to admit it. As you say, Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East which is why it is our job to protect them no matter what. This is something republicans and democrats can all agree on. I want to make sure my tax dollars are spent on defending Israel first, above all else, which is one of the main reasons I support Hillary.

  2. We do not need to defend Hillary.

    It is common knowledge that women are more intelligent, more mature, and more responsible than men are. To think that Hillary, a woman, needs help is pure sexism. She does not need nor want help from the common person. To suggest that she has repeatedly failed America is simply not true and is nothing but a conspiracy against all women.

  3. “Voted to invade” is a very simplistic description of her vote. The fact of the matter is Hillary was deceived by the fanatical Bush regime.
    The things she said on the floor of the Senate matter, her vote was cast in an emotionally charged atmosphere where rethuglicans lied and misrepresented the facts on the ground. Hillary wanted a limited engagement to bring peace and prosperity to the most improvished of global citizens.

    Its time we break the glass ceiling of ignorance, sexism and racism!

    I have accepted her apology for the Iraq war and hope that Americans will understand her vote was cast under duress and not a true reflection of her character or judgement.

    • Whatever Hillary voted for, she did it to protect and uplift the downtrodden. That has always been her goal, and her motivation for supporting our engagements overseas is the same. Anyway what difference does it make at this point? The Iraq war is over and done with, and the Iraqi people are free from Saddam’s tyrannical regime, and ready to build a first world democracy. This was only possible because of a bipartisan effort that Hillary was part of, but not for the same reasons as rethuglicans.

      • Minor corrections-

        The Iraq war was war crimes of the highest magnitude. Bush lied and millions died. However, the complicity of Hillary and other democrats is totally not a war crime. They did it for humanitarian reasons, relying on Bush’s lies about the intel that they all had equal access to. They were unwitting dupes in Bush and Cheney’s master plot to enrich oil companies.

        Besides, Saddam had “links” to 911. As does Iran. A real enemy of Israel and therefore the USA. Hillary knows this.

        Thank god that Obama ended that war and was able to build a lasting peace and stable democracy in Iraq. And thank goodness Hillary was there to stop Bush from destroying Libya and Syria too. Now, we have to contend with the terrorist threat of ISIS, and this will require attacking Russia and Iran, the two nations opposing our efforts in Syria to eradicate ISIS. For those who say, well why is ISIS our enemy in Iraq but our friend in Syria…you simply lack the mental capacity of a democrat in order to hold these two seemingly irreconcilable thoughts at the same time! Duh, stupid!

        Hillary’s participation in any of the illegal Bush wars was always limited to uplifting the downtrodden and granting people of color “access” and “opportunity.” Because she’s a democrat.

  4. I was wondering where you guys went after the hedge banning. missed you guys. is francis around too?