Real Libertarians – Bill Maher and Gary Johnson


Libertarianism was once about peace, love and understanding. It was about a world without borders, without property and without drug prohibition. But tragically it has since been hijacked by right wing fascists, who use the term to sell their oppressive and backward views as cool, forward thinking and liberal. There’s nothing liberal or open minded about a system that promotes tax cuts for corporations and refuses to treat undocumented immigrants as equal citizens. Gary Johnson is a grass roots, classical libertarian, who is taking the libertarian party back to its progressive roots.

Gary Johnson was rightfully outraged when an insensitive interviewer used the offensive term ‘illegal’ to describe undocumented immigrants. Open borders have always been a core principle of libertarianism, and those who believe in locking hardworking people out of our country are not real libertarians. Gary Johnson also believes in true free trade, enabled by free trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP. People who refuse to support these trade deals do not really believe in free trade. Free trade is about setting up a global system of governance that is able to resolve international disputes and help companies outsource work and import cheap labor. That’s true free trade, not the restricted system of tariffs and borders that many fake libertarians advocate.

Bill Maher also described himself as a libertarian before the term was stolen by the far right. Like Gary Johnson, he believes in a strong social welfare state, and sensible gun control laws, such as a ban on semi automatics and a no-fly list that allows the Federal government to stop potential terrorists from owning guns. He also believes in universal healthcare and that everyone has a right to a good education, food and a roof over their heads. He’s always been anti interventionist, but he rightfully points out that Trump is most likely to start World War III, not Hillary, and he therefore supports a Hillary presidency over a Trump presidency.

At its core, Libertarianism is about freedom. Freedom from work, freedom from rules, freedom from borders and freedom from risk, like gun crime and not being able to pay for healthcare. True libertarians believe that a strong government can provide us with these freedoms, but they also believe in getting the government out of the way when it comes to oppressive things like borders and policing the inner cities. Libertarians believe that mitigating risks which infringe on peoples’ freedoms, like guns, domestic terrorism and poverty, is a key role of government. More intellectual libertarians like anarcho-communists also question the validity of private property and the concept of ‘ownership’. Why should one person be able to ‘own’ something and prevent others from using it? Shouldn’t the world be accessible to everyone?

In closing, true libertarianism is not the right wing, conservative ideology that many would have you believe it to be. It’s actually a truly liberal vision for an equal and fair world, without risk, and without rules. We need to reclaim the term ‘libertarian’, and restore its true meaning.

Hillarys Server
Hillarys Server

Another great and inspiring article from MDB, one of the truly great Americans. We have a basic human right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Freedom from work is the only way to ensure this right.

How can you have liberty if you are a slave to your boss at work? A boss who is almost always a male, and a Caucasian male. How can working under a white male be called liberty? And how can that be called happiness? And is that truly even life?

To ensure life, liberty and happiness there should be an immediate nationwide moratorium on work for all indigenous people, people of color and women.

And white males should be taxed at 110% of reported income.

This high tax rate is the only way that the “hidden savings”, the deep savings, of white males can be captured and returned to the indigenous peoples, former slaves of color and subjugated homemaker women of our nation.

A casual perusal of alt right radical sites such as Zero Hedge shows that all white males without exception have hidden precious metals, primarily gold and silver, under the oak trees in their backyard.

There is speculation that there is a special magnetic compass in their Philip Patek watch, that all Caucasians possess and secretly pass down from generation to generation, that points to that oak tree. The slaves who dug the hole are dead.

Whenever the economy teeters and inner city children go hungry white males jump up and down like Hispanic jumping beans and talk about how their “stack” will increase. Each time a child cries, their “stack” grows higher. Our pain is their joy.

They might as well stamp melinated citizens of our country with a yellow star and post a sign “Silver Eagles Macht Frei” on their door plates.

Hillary Clinton and Libertarian heros of our peoples are the only ones who can draft and effect a clear demographic or accelerated ultimate solution to the ways of the white male.


All great points. Goldbugs and silverbugs literally profit from the misery of others, while creating the very economic destruction that they are so paranoid about, by taking capital out of the economy!

Another thing to consider is that many people of color suffer from post traumatic slave disorder, and working under a white male boss can trigger very distressing feelings in these people. We need to have compassion and understanding, and provide these people with reparations and a living wage, rather than making them go to work.


Now I hear that Donald Trump has used the word “pussy.” I am mortified. Offended. Triggered. Aghast. NOBODY except a total misogynist who is declaring war on women uses that word. It is beyond the pale. Paul Ryan is right, women are to be championed and revered, and pedestalized, and given total equality so that they can use these white knight beta male gifts to vote to replace those who gave it to them with Africans and arabs and other “refugees.”

But Trump? Clearly he hates ALL women. Anyone who would say pussy is CLEARLY unqualified to be President. Grabbing a woman by her pussy is ASSAULT. A “star” approaching a woman is BULLYING. It’s not welcome conduct because there are certain women who screech on the internet that they don’t get that sort of attention and consequently it must be bad.

Let us all join together in white knighting women…when they see how much we care and respect them, surely they will fall in love with us and we will get access to their…feminine areas.


Libertarianism is about letting large corporations do what they need to do in order to create jobs and get the economy moving forward. If that means unrestricted cheap labor moving around, then that is good. If that creates a de facto slave labor condition, that’s fine, it’s FREE trade. Nobody is FORCING anyone to work. It’s a negotiation among equals about work conditions and wages.

Likewise, libertarianism strongly rejects any notion of quantitative or qualitative racial differences. It understands that a mass of west Africans or Australian abos is EXACTLY THE SAME IN EVERY SINGLE WAY EXCEPT SKIN COLOR as a Japanese or Norwegian. Libertarianism relies on the rigorous proof of this provided by the assertions of social justice warriors and other people who talk a lot with high levels of smugness and self-assurance.

So libertarianism is totally open borders…all people are the same, fungible, labor resource units, and capitalism and profit must be unhindered no matter what. There is no room for antiquated notions of nationalism in libertarian ideology. In fact, if we continue to extend it to its conclusion, there’s no place for owning your own house or having even your own set of rules as you will be hindering liberty by placing a fence on “your” property.

Libertarianism means less of the wrong kinds of laws and more of the right kind.


I think nationalism, deep down is just racism. What are borders for, other than to keep out people of color who just want a good life like everyone else? What gives a privileged white person born in America, the right to live the American dream, when a poor Guatemalan child is stuck in poverty stricken Guatemala? How is that fair?


And, mind you, the people of color have never tried to keep the whites out.


Walls in your home and locks on your door are kind of like that too. If you invite me over, who are you to say that I cannot bring 50 of my friends who just want to have a good time to? Are you a racist?

Black Lives Matter

The term “libertarian” truly has been stolen by extremists. The original libertarians were actually Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who promoted a community-based system of compassionate sharing designed to promote freedom for everyone.

Marxist libertarianism would give everyone complete freedom, as they had in the world’s first libertarian state, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a true libertarian paradise. Unfortunately, the corporations did everything they could to destroy it, just like they’re trying to destroy libertarian Venezuela today. That’s exactly why we need tougher laws, rules, and regulations and significantly higher taxes.

Hillarys Server
Hillarys Server

Yes, and in the time of Jesus as well the early church shared all possessions. The early Christians didn’t say “This is my iPhone” or “I caught this Pokemon”. If one Christian caught a Pokemon during a Coliseum game or weekend crucifixion, all members of the early church shared it equally.


Property rights’ is actually a very foreign concept to most peoples. It’s a selfish perversion of ethics developed by white males who seek to justify their control of the world’s resources. We need to overthrow this oppressive system of property and let women and people of color take back what is rightfully theirs from the white patriarchy! They should just go ahead and take what they want! It’s their right!

Black Lives Matter

The Bible says, “Thou shalt not steal.” What are the capitalists doing when they plunder the labor of workers and declare land theirs based on White Privilege?

We need real libertarianism NOW. That means punishing the capitalists, taking what they stole, and putting them in labor camps to force them to pay reparations for their greed. Those pigs shouldn’t even get a trial, just like the cops who attack unarmed African-Americans every day. White Privilege must end now!!!


Yes, true libertarianism is about equality and sharing. There’s a lot of propaganda out there about the soviet union, which was actually working very well until racist, capialist countries like America destroyed it. A lot of this propaganda comes from anti-semites who complain about how many Jews were running it. Accredited historians document the atrocities of the Holocaust 24/7 on history channels across the world, and they generally don’t have many negative things to say about the Soviet Union. Criticism of the Soviet Union is generally nothing but thinly veiled anti-sematism, not backed up by any real history.

Black Lives Matter

The destruction of the world’s first libertarian-workers state is sad. And why did they do it? So they could sell McDonald’s and Levi’s!! What would you rather have, freedom or McDonald’s? Now, of course, we know that “fast food” is really poison, so it’s not even edible. In contrast, people in the Soviet Union always had plenty of nourishing vegan food choices, including various types of healthy grasses and seeds. That’s real choice.


I completely agree. As someone who lived half of my life in the first lib-work state, I must state that state ownership of everything is a fantastic thing. For example, you always can switch on TV and hear about plentiful harvests, workers melting record amounts of steel, and also that if you can not find any of plentiful harvests in store, TV tells you that it is the capitalists’ fault! You can get nearly anything that you want, if you stand in line at store for a paltry 5-10 hours. We are all very lucky that this all is coming to USA!


The picture shows Bill with his legs spread and hands open indicating he has a big penis which makes his points more valid.
Gary “Johnson” is shown legs together and hands on knees hiding the little evidence of a manly bulge in his trousers. This shows he is insecure and his points are not as valid.
I used to think I was a Libertarian, but with that guy on top of the ticket I now see I was wrong.


I wasn’t impressed by Johnson; someone who shows so much ignorance about dog food is unfit to be president.


This comment:
“There is speculation that there is a special magnetic compass in their Philip Patek watch, that all Caucasians possess and secretly pass down from generation to generation, that points to that oak tree.”

is totally false,
I know, because I am an expert on watches (I own a timex) and I also know that gold does not attract watches, it attracts gold bugs, who also own other watchs (casios). None of the above watches will work to detect oak trees.