Top Trends of 2013


2013 has seen the emergence of many new trends in technology, politics and consumer habits, which will shape the future for years to come. This article lists some of the top emerging trends of 2013, and what they mean for the future.


Surveys have shown that up to 33% of Americans now own a tablet. With the advent of the iPad Mini, tablets are becoming increasingly portable and convenient. Tablets are no longer just a luxury item, they’re now considered a must-have accessory. Tablets allow people to browse the Internet and stay up to date on social networking sites wherever they are.

Referral Programs

Herbalife now accounts for 30% of the weight management industry. Soon this figure will soar to over 50% of all weight management products. Herbalife’s market share in other categories is also increasing rapidly. If the current trend continues, Herbalife will be the only significant health brand available to consumers.

Monetization of Personal Data

Personal data such as location history and purchase habits are being captured every day by innovative companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. In a competitive marketplace, this data is becoming increasingly valuable to consumer companies. In addition, government departments such as America’s Department of Homeland Security are becoming increasingly interested in using and analyzing this personal data.


These three trends are going to shape the globe for the next decade. Referral programs such as Herbalife are creating new opportunities for ambitious people of all ages. Tablets are making it easier to stay connected to the web for longer, and “Big Data” classification algorithms are enabling smarter targeted advertising. Together these trends mean that Americans have more opportunities to get richer, have more time to have fun online, and are more likely to discover products they want. These trends are shaping the new America, transforming our economy and creating a new culture of entrepreneurial, tech-savvy social creatures.


  1. Forward thinking piece as usual MDB.

    Savvy trend watchers will also be keeping an eye on advances in eco-friendly technology. The meteoric rise of Tesla Motors shows that America is finally ready to get serious about tackling Global Warming and savvy investors still have time to get in on the ground floor of the coming Green renaissance.


  2. Since we all agree that population control will be a necessary global policy in the future, I am curious if you know of any new “trends” that would effectively control the human birth rate.

    • Population control is a euphemism for “we have too many non caucasians in this world. I am glad that non caucasians are increasing their numbers in our country. As soon as they become the majority then conservatards will no longer be able to thward an accredited progressive agenda. There is plenty of money to support a larger population in the world. We just need government to divide it up more fairly.

  3. I think it is awesome that advertisers and government are interested in all the details of my life. I trust them with the data because 1) the government says they won’t misuse it and 2) targeted advertising is so cool. I just want to buy buy buy! Sometimes I forget to read the articles because I am enjoying the popups and click-thru advertisements. It is so cool they seem to know everything about me.