I'm a Bill Maher Libertarian


Libertarians have ruined the term ‘libertarian’. Before the advent of libertarian populism in 2007 the many forward thinking progressives would have described themselves as libertarians.  The term ‘libertarian’ used to be far more ambiguous, and it didn’t come with all the politically incorrect baggage that it carries today. Essentially, ‘libertarian’ was synonymous with ‘liberal’. Bill Maher famously described himself as a libertarian, although today he would be firmly placed in the progressive camp.

The term anarchist has also been polluted by right-wing fanatics. Anarchism used to be cool, until libertarian anarchists synonymized ‘anarchist’ with’ anarcho-capitalist’. Traditional left-leaning anarchists are very upset with libertarians for taking a term which was once widely understood to be a term for a non-property based society, and transforming it into a radical right-wing ideology.

It’s time for progressives to recapture the term libertarian, just as we recaptured the term liberal from the right wing ‘classical liberals’. Reclaiming the language of liberty is an important step in the progressive revolution. Liberals believe in liberty too. We just have a more conventional and less idiotic way of achieving it than right-wing libertarians.



    • Hey bob. This is something right wing libertarians don’t get about the NSA – national security is a corner stone for a free society. You can’t enjoy freedom if you live in constant fear of terrorists. The binary thinking that characterizes right wing libertarians is a clear indication of their nihilism and naivity.

      • Yes. I am also afraid and thanks to the NSA, I am now less afraid. Thank God for the NSA.

        We need more honest libertarians like Bill Maher to bring libertarians back to its true roots. Let’s not allow crackpots like Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann hijack the libertarian ideal.

      • While it may be surprising to our audience, I believe that in many ways Michelle Bachmann is an honest libertarian, as opposed to that crackpot and pothead Ron Paul. It appears that she firmly believes in state control at least in some parts of our life. She has said the following that I can agree with 100%: “As we continue the fight against terrorism, America faces an enemy determined to break the will of our people by attacking the values we hold dear. We must hold the line and ensure that both our intelligence community and our military have the tools and support they need to defend our nation.”

        With some education, she might become the right type of libertarian!

      • yes, can you imagine a USA without the NSA protecting us? It would be a free-fire zone for terrorists, who would be attacking daily. Thank goodness for the Patriot Act and NSA and DHS; without the strict and firm application of national security, the country would be the Slavery of Fear.

        Remember, our troops are out there dying for Peace…don’t let their brave defense of our freedoms be in vain, nor the NSA’s protection of our freedom either.

    • Maher is wise, typical of elites in our society. He just knows better because of his position. While foolish libertarians bleat about freedom, people are seriously afraid. Not a week goes by without our leadership in government warning us of the dangers of terror attack. The enemy is amorphous, like a miasma, and can strike without warning from any direction. This underscores the need to be ever vigilant and for our government and accredited leaders to strike a reasonable, commonsense balance between these antiquated notions of liberty and the need to ensure that people feel safe.

      Most people rate feeling safe above libertarians’ perverse versions of “freedom.” That’s not freedom, it’s a form of slavery. Feeling safe, under the firm control of accredited politicians and governors, is real freedom. More people know that now than ever before which is why these pseudo-terroristic lunatic libertarians have been moved further to the fringes and marginalized

  1. Its funny that Maher highlights Rand’s thoughts on the relationship between the perception and use of money and the virtue and sustainability of a society as indicative of juvenile thought – funny because it shows how simplistically Maher considered the argument, which is actually a very logical, elegant one that has and is playing out just the way Rand predicted. For ex, the explanation for the quote he used:

    “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed.”

    This is a perfect description of our broken financial and political system. The Fed’s primary dealers are just such a group, that become rich through graft and pull, and are protected by laws created by their bought and paid for politicians who have abandoned us years ago.

    • You are a scaremongering neanderthal. Our political and financial systems are the best in the world. They are led by Harvard-educated visionaries such as Dr. Bernanke etc.

    • demosthenes,

      Ayn Rand does not have the proper Academic Credentials to be taken seriously. She is an “arm chair intellectual” whose ideas can only exist in the classroom and are never truly applicable in the real world.

      To illuminate your limited world view may I recommend that you read “The Conscience of a Liberal” by 2008 Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Paul Krugman.

      Also, “The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis” by Dr. Ben Bernanke is a must read for those seeking an understanding of how the brilliant application of Economic Theory has made the business and market cycle obsolete.

      • Dr. Bernanke is a true american hero. His monetary policies have saved the american economy during the recent financial crisis.

        After all Dr. Bernanke has done for us, I am sad to learn that “Helicopter Ben” is giving up the helm. But I rest assured that another well-educated, elite person will take over where he left off.

        I sure hope that Mr. Summers gets the appointment. Mr. Summers has excellent credentials and a proven track record. I would feel confident if he were running the economy. Our economy needs more confidence right now.

        Mr. Summers was even awarded the John Bates Clark Medal by the American Economic Association for his achievements!

    • Detroit is the product of white privilege and racism. Whites, who don’t understand that race is a social construct, left and took all the jobs with them. Some even took more than one job, like one and a half jobs or even 2.

      They left the blacks besieged by crime, which plagues and oppresses them, denying them opportunity. Fortunately, diversity is our strength so Detroit is stronger than ever as it is almost 100% diverse.

    • Detroit is a warning for those who believe in unchecked globalization. This former manufacturing powerhouse would not have been destroyed if the government had stepped in and provided protection against unfair global competitive practices. How can an honest American business compete with a foreign entity that does not provide generous pension plans, a 3 to 4 week vacation, and a decent wage that allows them to live the “American Dream”.

      • I live in Mexico …. down at the fish market …. we don’t need no gubmint inspectors …. to sniff the fish …. we get along just fine …. it’s liberals that stink !

      • Stop the world I want to get off …. socialist always fighting the last war …. and wanting a static universe …. simpletons …. how can business survive …. when the greedy government treats them like the enemas of the world …. and taxes and regulates them into …. bankruptcy !

      • Actually I live in a city next to Detroit and Detroit became drastically impaired when all the white people moved out of Detroit and into the suburbs. What happened is Republicans were mainly in control of the city and then the Democratic Party gained control in the 60’s and has stayed in control since and they made some changes like raising taxes which whites didn’t like so they fled. Whites were holding up the city while blacks were gang banging, selling and using drugs etc. When whites left the city started to collapse. Generous pension plans are one of the main factors that caused Detroit to go bankrupt.

  2. Bravo bravo. I am a libertarian in that I feel we should have the freedom not to work and the right to government support if we cannot find a job worthy of my skills with a Masters Degree in Public Policy. The conservatards have sequestered funding to the point I cannot find a job befitting my intellectual standing. That is not freedom.

  3. It goes without saying that the government is in the best position to decide which liberties it is safe for us to enjoy. The bad guys hate us for our freedoms. Those freedoms must sometimes be curtailed to protect those very freedoms, and to keep us safe from the constant onslaught from dangerous terrorists. We must rely on the government to make these difficult decisions.

  4. Once we Asian take over world people see beauty and superiority of government leading the people and directing business. People are ignorant and have no sense. Need government to direct them and lead them to true liberty. True liberty is peace and harmony and freedom from hunger. Western people backwards. Too much individuality lead to chaos.

    • Trolling should be BANNED in an accredited website such as this. You are obviously promoting race-based stereotypes and as such you can not be an accredited commenter.

      • he doesn’t understand that race is a social construct. What an ignorant, backward fool. Forensic anthropologists, DNA analysts, and medical researchers all know this universal truth that we are all exactly the same.

    • Indeed Comrade Wi! It is common thinking enough delusion that is becoming in minds of typical ‘American Citizenism’ citizens to be found eventuating much anywhere within ‘American Citizenism’ spherical influence. One can thus see where western ‘American Citizenism’ paradigm has become from reality detached. That guy believes “I am at Liberty” but all is wrong, is delusional belief – mass-hallucination. Always little understanding it is with ‘American Citizenism’ citizens that “All of ‘American Citizenism’s’ base are belong to Chinese Citizen’s Republic now”. Is ‘Chinese Citizenism’ state holding now all ‘American Citizenism’ state’s & economies’ assets is indisputable fact. Have very sunny day now… 😉

      • Why are there no black owned liquor stores in Korea Town ? Isn’t there a government program to promote black ownership of small businesses …. Small Business Administration Loans ?

      • This is why I believe in “affirmative action”. The odds are stacked too much against minorities in Korea Town that we need Government to step in to create a “level playing field”.

      • Comrade Wi ain’t too bright pal!

        First off the government is ran by people. So logically if people are ignorant and have no sense and since people run the government that means government is ignorant and has no sense duh!


    • Do you know the government is ran by people? So logically if people are ignorant and have no sense and since people run the government that means government is ignorant and has no sense duh!


  5. As Rush has told us …. “Affirmative Action” …. is the most insulting type of racial profiling …. you’re a “Nigger” …. you can barely make it in the jungle …. let alone balancing your check book …. and changing the oil in your car !

    • Of course government is people! In the good ol’ USofA, it is OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE, so it must therefore comprise THE PEOPLE! And who are the best people in the world? Why Americans, obviously, as we live in the greatest country in the world!

      The only difference is that the people leading us are all highly educated, accredited People with the right qualifications. That’s why we, THE PEOPLE, freely choose them to lead us in the first place! Even Ayn Rand understood this, when she wrote that ‘all people are created equal, but some are created more equal than others’

      • Dear Accredited Aggie ! …. There should be a government agency …. that pays liberals …. not to plant …. their dangerous ideas …. in the minds of our youfs !

  6. In the classical definition of the word liberal was understood as what we now would call a libertarian.

    Luckily thanks to great visionaries like Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck et al. We have a broader definition that includes tea party right wing bigots that make us proud to be Americans.

    nah seriously, how can people be against a world view which respects you and gives the individual the freedom to do as him/her wishes.

    • Henry,

      The human race is at the edge of extinction thanks to unrestricted freedom.

      1. The economy has stalled because the 1% has captured most of the wealth. And you libertarians are asking for more freedom of enterprise? Only government can step in at this point to redistribute that wealth because the 1% has forgotten that they “did not build that” without the infrastructure and security provided by the Government which is funded by the taxpaying public.

      2. Our security is at risk because some people are using their freedom to hate us because we have freedom. To solve this problem, a little sacrifice is required on our part. We must surrender our freedom so that we can be safe from those who hate us for our freedom.

      3. Environmental degradation is at a terminal phase. Why? Too much freedom to copulate and reproduce. We must ask our world leaders to organize an Agenda to solve this most important issue.

    • Real Libertarians …. right or left …. believe in legalizing drugs and open borders …. we disagree on stealing money from one citizen …. and giving it to another …. who hasn’t earned it !

    • Libertarians are for traffic lights ….. have any idea how much it would cost …. to man an intersection with traffic cops 24/7 …. don’t ask …. but it’s about the same as shipping gasoline to Afghanistan …. through Pakistan …. LOL !

      • In a period of high unemployment, manning intersections with well-trained, traffic policepeople does not “cost”, rather *it*pays*.

        After unemployed people receive the proper training, they can be gainfully employed. They are then in a position to pay taxes and use their earnings to buy products, increasing demand for production which would further spur on the economy.

      • Yeah …. and if they thrrew rocks at the passing cars …. they would break some windows …. creating work for glazers and first aid responders …. and the socialist monster money making beast would produce more abundance for all ?

  7. Robosigned eviction notices …. are no more offensive …. than electro-mechanical traffic lights …. if you insist on a human signed notice …. you can ask for one …. it doesn’t really change anything ?

      • I was banned or suspended from Xero Edge …. for my avant garde …. faux rayciss humour …. a la George Carlin and Richard Pryor …. when a state of the art comedian …. like Monedas …. is silenced ….. we are all diminished …. haven’t we learned this lesson before …. fuck PC censorship !

  8. You would think …. a “REAL” Libertarians …. like Bill Maher …. would come to the defense …. of unjust and arbitrary bannings …. of cutting edge comedians ?

  9. People have a right to hate and to love and to be indifferent, Zo ….. quit making rules for people …. and teach your people to be self sufficient …. and to love themselves ?

  10. Blacks hating whitey …. is wrong …. but, you can see where hate mongers might promote it …. but, black on black hate …. besides being weird …. destroys black credibility …. work on that problem, Zo …. then we can talk about whitey ?

  11. Obama isn’t getting the job done …. I call on the black residents of Detroit …. to light a fire of Black Renaissance …. and lead the whole country …. out of it’s malaise !

    • Is it really a good idea to encourage the citizens of Detroit to light fires? Last I heard, most of the firemen had been laid off.

      • Did I say that ? Not bad ? Blacks loot, light fires then play YouTube reporters covering the blaze …. like it was a July 4th picnic …. the few fire fighters left are mostly white …. you have to know basic plumbing …. and stuff like that ! Life is just too rich …. for a poor white boy Libertarian icon boy like Monedas !

  12. Do you have any idea …. how flattering it is …. to be surrounded by statist hole lickers …. the world is my oyster …. I am truly blessed that I have the humanity and intellect to reject the sophistry of socialism …. and embrace the righteousness of Capitalism …. in all it’s sacred glory …. I’m not a racist per se …. but life has made me a discriminating snob …. in the best sense of the word !

  13. Whoever wrote this post is a fucking moron. End of story. You have no clue what a Libertarian is, nor does Bill Maher. Bunch of socialist fuck wits.

    • Here is a simple way to separate the pretenders …. given the world as we know it …. going forward …. do you want more government intervention in or lives …. or less ?

      • Dear Monedas,

        no worries for you – with the passing of Obamacare you will not need to miss your medication in future!

        • Tanqueray gin, American and Canadian whisky, Scotch, vodka, tequila …. and a little weed …. are included in Obamacares …. great ! I buy what I need at the Baja Duty Free store …. but free is better …. I just changed my voter registration to Democrat …. just to blend in with the free shit army !

        • Government workers and welfare recipients need more money …. because they have more free time …. to spend it ! A black person with a GED would have to be paid …. 3 X his white counterparts wage …. to achieve parity in living standards …. due to lack of resourcefulness and shopping skills alone …. not to mention drugs and alcohol !


    Bill Maher is no Libertarian!

    Libertarians are “classical liberals.” On economic issues they are in line with the Republican Party and on social issues they are in line with the Democratic Party (except Libertarians oppose most gun control and Democrats support it a lot).

    Bill Maher is a “modern liberal” also known as “social liberal.” Modern liberals are members of the Democratic Party which Maher is. On economic issues modern liberals tilt towards socialism and Maher does. Maher has moved farther left-wing over the last decade compared to 90’s Bill Maher.

    Modern liberalism is not Libertarian. Classical liberalism is Libertarian.