What do Young Americans Want From their Government?



Young Americans are very upset with the state of America and the rest of the world. The conscientious young American is acutely aware of today’s glaring inequalities. They see big corporations reap obscene profits while large portions of the world’s population starve or don’t have access to clean water. They see right-wing think-tanks criticize political action against climate change, while third world countries are ravaged by floods, droughts and earthquakes. They are also upset with the state of the American economy, and the fact that society has failed to provide them with job opportunities relating to their college degrees. The following transcripts are real interviews with young Americans about what they see as the main problems with the world and what they want our government to do about it.

Sarah Ford, age 20, NY 

I’m a young and involved activist about to start my double major in environmental studies and politics, and I’m very, very angry about what is going on in this country. I blame this country’s problems on the exploitations of corporations and a blind worship of the “free market” and “self-regulating capitalism” (Tell me, how does that work again? Oh yeah, it doesn’t morons). Following the deregulation of the banking sector and the repeal of Glass-Steagall (the financial regulation act that would have prevented the financial crisis), this country has gone down the drain. Meanwhile, scumbag corporations are continuing to hire non-American foreigners in other countries instead of Americans at home. Hire Americans, idiots – you’re American companies aren’t you? Fuck free trade. End capitalism. End this crap … I’m sick of it!

Brad Jones, age 25, IL

What do I want from my government? What do I want? Are you fucking kidding me? I have basic needs: A job, a descent salary, a house, a fucking vacation. These are needs not wants – get that through your stinkin’ head! Fucking government doesn’t give a shit about unemployed average guys like me. I’ve got a fucking college degree for fuck’s sake! I studied media and modern culture for four damn stinkin’ years and this piece of shit government can’t even provide me with a fucking JOB? They’ve got enough money for wall street, but not for an average hard working guy on the street. Fuck this shit. The occupy movement is gonna take over this country so guys like me can get a guaranteed job and a decent wage. We need a revolution in this country … a progressive revolution


Young Americans want radical changes from our government. They want to see congress take a proactive role in resolving economic inequality and putting a stop to extreme corporate profits. They also want our government to start reshaping the economy to favor young people, firstly by providing job opportunities for students with less recognized degrees, and secondly by introducing further grants and funding programs for students and graduates. Ultimately what young people want from our government is compassion and common sense. Young people think with their hearts as well as with their minds. They have clear visions about how the world’s resources should be distributed in order to benefit the common good, and they are frustrated that politicians don’t seem to share their passion, vision and energy. Maybe our elected officials would be wise to listen to young people, because soon they will be the ones running for congress, operating think tanks and advising national policy.


  1. I studied f***ing media for four f***ing years, you stupid f***ers, and I want a f***ing job with a f***ing decent salary and a f***ing vacation.

    It is hard to argue with such eloquence, no?

    • he’s speaking with the expertise expected from someone so accredited in media. Unlike engineers and mathematicians, who can barely muster the creativity to come up with anything useful, as is typical from people with backgrounds in white privileged patriarchy majors that lack necessary diversity.

      • Trav,

        Give the guy a f***ing break. He f***ing studied for many f***ing years spending so much f***ing money he didn’t f***ing have to impress people he f***ing hates. Now he is f***ing pissed because his f***ing government won’t give him a f***ing job he he thinks he f***ing deserves.

        Don’t you have any f***ing compassion for this poor f***ing soul who probably wont get any f***ing pussy since chicks will think he is a f***ing loser.

      • Brad is stuck in IL and IL is a flyover state.

        That said, if Brad is serious about looking for work, then he needs to move to someplace like NYC or southern CA.

        He could move to NY and hook up with Sarah. Is that her in the photo? She’s hot.

  2. As an undergrad, I can tell you that roughly 90% of the kids my age actually think this way.

    There’s really no way to argue with people living in a different reality. I get my point across better with my dog – at least he listens.

    • And the “90%” of the kids think the right way! It is clear that government and the rest of society really owes them good, high-paying jobs if they managed to graduate in difficult majors such as English, literature, economics, or gender studies!

      • difficulty of a major is only a soft form of racism intended to keep minority access to these majors, and therefore opportunity, low. Who are you to tell people what they have the right to study?

        Math and science should be made less difficult- Congress should and must act on this immediately with bold legislation and leadership. If not, these racist things should be eliminated.

    • Traderchild,

      Your lack of compassion is exactly what is wrong with Libertarians. You would deny these young people the jobs that they deserve as US Citizens — jobs that have been taken away from them by greedy corporations to improve their “bottom line”.

      You forget that “they didn’t build that”, those corporations, without the infrastructure and protection provided by the Government which is funded by the taxpayer.

    • @Nunya, your unwillingness to help a fellow human is appalling. But then you end your post with a gender-based insult which surely indicates your anti-social-behaviour pattern.

      You mention your “lifetime”. Are you old? Will you be leaving us anytime soon? You sound like a greedy boomer.

      • My charity is reserved for those who I deem are deserving of it as my own resources are of a finite supply. It is not charity when the government decides for me whois deserving of it; it is theft. I have no time for what some whiny bitch like Brad Jones decides he qualifies for in his self-centered,, narciisistic delusions. His name is legion.

        Does he want a pony too? If so, am I responsible to provide it? Wake the fuck up. He who pays the piper calls the muh-fugging tune. Period bitches.

      • @Nunya,

        is it theft when government builds roads which you use? Is it theft when it protects you from terrorism? Is it theft when it imprisons crooks who would otherwise steal from you? Is it theft when it uses tax money to pay hard-working DMV employees to register your car? Is it theft when government will pay you much more in social security/medicare benefits that what you paid into it?

      • An accredited government employee can best determine where the resources be distributed.

        Brad did not ask for any pony. Brad asked only that his basic needs be met. Would you deny another human his basic needs?

  3. These young Americans should inspire us all as they express their demands on the government and society. They are only asking for what they are entitled to. A good start would be for the government to initiate a program where corporations are required to pay recently hired graduates a fair amount regardless of what they studied. There is no rational reason to pay a person with a degree in biochemical engineering more than one with a degree in media and modern culture. Both are accredited and both deserve fair pay.

    • in fact, media and modern culture should get paid more. Engineering and science majors are illegitimate, because they lack diversity and are therefore obviously racist. As a society, we must enhance diversity and eliminate all forms of discrimination. This means removing accreditation from illegitimate fields such as science, medicine, engineering, and math. Progressive school districts such as Berkeley HS have already started making steps in this right-thinking direction by eliminating some science classes that stood as glaring examples of white patriarchy privilege.

      • I think we should be willing to accredit some so-called hard science degrees as long as the number of graduates in these fields reflect the demographics of the nation. We should insist that if minorities are going to make up the majority of the population, minorities MUST make up the majority of the accredited graduates in these reactionary scientific fields.

      • I would not sidetrack the discussion in this direction. Simply put, why should anyone be discriminated against if her math and science abilities are low? They should still be able to get an accredited PhD in STEM from a top-level school!

  4. I have never seen so much bullshit since I visited a Texas cattle ranch. And Million Dollar Bonus .. leaves me speechless .. that anyone can be either a cartoon character big mouth bad guy .. or simply a stooge trying to build a blog site by promoting non stop bullshit– amazing .. and probably doing it very well.

  5. As a young american I totally agree. It is like way unfair that big corporations and the one percent have so much money. We need big government to help level the playing field with big business. The government should provide all of us with a minimum income. We shouldn’t have to take a job we don’t like just because we need money. If the government would just give everybody money then we could pursue our dreams and make the world a better place and not have to take a Mcjob after graduating from college just to pay bills. A house, food, health insurance, and basic spending allowance are a fundamental right.

    • Since I am accredited I am allowed to upvote my own comments. Accredited replies only please. All others will be ignored.

  6. Dear Millennials,

    What follows is the key to success,

    1 obtain a degree in the liberal arts. The less math/science and analysis the better! So a basket weaving major with a minor in cat studies with a concentration in fashion design would suit you well.

    2 vote progressive. Never vote republican. Ever!

    3 watch CNN religiously. You need to be informed and no better way to sound intelligent than to regurgitate CNN. You will need it for the numerous job interviews you will have lined up as a result of your studies. 🙂

    4 complain! complain. Sit at home on your moms basement and write angry post about how unfair society is. The world needs your ideas to be heard.

    5 after 2 years of unemployment post your college life. Noworries. You have to be patient. This is the time to hunker down and apply to your Masters degree. An MS in modern culture will help you understand the world and propell you to success.

    6 if all else fails. Just remember. The government will always take care of you.


    • I disagree with your statement about voting. Voting for some accredited republicans should be encouraged! We would not be safe without Homeland Security which was established by President Bush!

      • yes; it is very important to support and encourage commonsense republicans like Ted Cruz or John McCain, who understand the need for immigration reform and to be tough on terror, and who support Israel no matter what. But only if there is not a democrat opposing them and especially a minority.

    • 7. Invest in your future and in the health of the economy by borrowing the money for your education. The forward-thinking student loan program is the key to your success. You can obtain a high-quality, accredited education without having to worry about paying for it until you obtain quality employment during this robust economic recovery which our accredited leaders have created.

      • Commenter, I think you are being unfair to unaccredited colleges. They provide educational opportunities to an even wider socio-economic range of students and are more diverse: thus, in most cases they provide an enhanced educational experience far broader than that offered by stodgy, hidebound, traditional accredited universities.

        Also, we should encourage institutions that are open to all applicants regardless of their performance on discriminatory standardized tests.

    • I would add for #3

      One should include C-SPAN as a source of pertinant information.

      Also, the Internet should be used as a source for new and creative ideas. Kevin Drum of Mother Jones is a good example. His explanations of right-wing looniness are spot on.

      • Some accredited right-of-center websites can also be used for specific topics. For example, how would we know that we should shun Ron Paul if not for Redstate and similar websites? A lot of left-oriented websites actually were rather complimentary to that crackpot Libertarian due to his outdated ideas about foreign policy of nonintervention!

  7. I would also add that all college graduates should have GPA of 4.0. No one should be discriminated against just because they are mentally challenged! Besides, paying tuition gives them an automatic right for A, regardless of class attendance, exam results, and time spent studying! They all deserve to be excellent!

    • drB,

      There is mounting evidence that GPA’s are racially biased towards Asians. What about my socialization skills? Where is my grade for that? We must do away with GPA’s all together and come up with a system that makes “everyone feel good about himself”. How about a simple system where everyone is a winner. My parents told me I was special so why can’t everyone also be special?

      • @Accredited English Major,

        I agree with your sentiment, and grades should either be abolished altogether or everyone should get an A. Everyone should be given a trophy with words “you are so special and can do EVERYTHING!” engraved on it!

        However, please in future do not use patriarchal, sexist phrases such as “everyone feel good about himself”!
        It should be ““everyone feel good about HERself” or, as minimum, “everyone feel good about PERSONself”. We need to erase thousands of years of sexism in English!