The Case For A Resource Based Economy


In the 21st century, we in the West have more wealth than our ancestors could ever have conceived of. Technology has made our lives simpler, easier and more enjoyable than ever before. And yet, while many of us have far more resources than we will ever need, others can barely afford to eat. In order to address this inequality, we need to rethink how we distribute resources for the benefit of mankind.

It’s a shocking statistic that in the modern world, there are more obese people than starving people. Yet greedy capitalists continue to accumulate resources vastly in excess of what they will ever use. Average people are forced to be wage slaves and work for a living, while the rich spend their time accumulating even more wealth. We have enough resources in the modern world to house, feed and clothe every human on this planet, yet we choose to continue to follow a system that enriches the few at the expense of the many.

Thankfully, there is a solution, called the Venus Project, which is actively promoted by well-known philanthropist Peter Joseph. The Venus Project is a vision for a future society where resources are allocated to the people by an intelligent algorithm, which makes sure that resources are never overconsumed. The most qualified experts in the world are actively developing this algorithm, and expect it to be ready within the next couple of decades. Once it is developed and implemented, the hope is that people will no longer need to slave away in order to live the life they deserve. Instead, each and every person on this planet will be given fair and equal access to the world’s resources, without working, allowing all of us to live without the chains of personal responsibility. I believe that of all the research happening in the world, the Venus Project is by far the most ground-breaking and exciting project out there, and in my opinion everyone should be getting behind this if we want to see a truly egalitarian and free society in the near future.


  1. The problem is the permanent loothing of the resources from the developped nations by the West. Only a world government can prevent such injustices, I’m glad that you brought such article, if technology could decide about everything that we are allowed to consume and what which decisions we are entitled to take every minute, wouldn;t it be a better world?

    • I agree that the West has been usurping the world’s resources, and the algorithm will address this injustice along with all other resource allocation dilemmas. Ultimately a resource based economy means that we will no longer have to work, or be accountable to others. And that, in my opinion, is the ultimate goal of progressivism.

    • If you think that is bad, look at the trash-strewn municipalities that black lives are forced to inhabit all over the world. Look at pictures of Liberia or Port-au-Prince and see the massive amounts of garbage that are there, CLEARLY transported there by whites to punish and commit violence against Black Lives, which matter.

      If whites didn’t transport that garbage then they clearly “flooded” these areas with plastic things without providing the education necessary to know how not to litter! Whites are CONSTANTLY destroying the entire planet everywhere they go. Giving black lives a plastic bottle of clean water is like giving a baby a firearm and plastic trash bag, it will probably shoot itself and then suffocate itself or maybe the reverse. Clearly, whites sabotage all other races using the legacy of slavery.

      These African tribes were living in perfect harmony, they beezed kangz n sheeit, with mind controlled flying pyramids before the white man brought them the oppression of paved roads, electricity, and clean water! WTF. It’s time to END the oppression and END the violence against black lives!

      As George Soros says, Europe must absorb the massive population explosion in Africa by taking the surplus population of Africa. When that population explodes even faster in Europe due to better medical care (stolen from Africans) and better living conditions (stolen from Africans), then maybe Canada will absorb that. When Canada is full well then whitey better find another muffuggin planet or ELSE muffuggas goin be gettin live up in dey hoods n sheeit, nomesayin?

      • White industrialism is responsible for all of the world’s environmental problems. We need to learn from indigenous tribes about how to live at one with nature, rather than taming it to our needs. There were no environmental problems or excess resource consumption before western capitalism started exploiting the earth.

  2. The problem is that we have TOO MANY PEOPLE. The reality of our economy is driven by the equation P*S*E*C = CO2. On the right side, you have the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we put in the atmosphere. This is what we need to get to zero. It’s based on the four factors on the left side of the equation: the world’s population (P) multiplied by the services (S) used by each person; the energy (E) needed to provide each of those services; and finally the carbon dioxide produced by that energy.

    Solar and wind power can provide a certain degree of carbon-free “E.” But the only real way we can drive that equation to zero is by significant population reduction. The earth’s carrying capacity, at most, is 500 million people. That’s why we need better efforts at promoting birth control, LGBT rights, vaccines, and open borders.

    Scarcity is what drives conflict, and resource scarcity is the key driver of inequitable distribution of wealth, along with White Privilege. Once we reduce population and eliminate White Privilege, our economy will naturally evolve into the economy seen by prosperous non-white civilizations before colonialism, imperialism, racism, sexism, and Islamophobia. In these economies, gift economies flourished, and all people shared resources equally. We do not need a computer algorithm. Computers also have a well-documented history of racism, which makes them unsuitable for promoting Social Justice.

    • “Computers also have a well-documented history of racism”.. here I have to disagree, not all computers, one shouldn’t generalize, although it’s true that it’s widely a white/Asian male dominated profession and little has been done to restablish a better ratio. Outsourcing to India was a good start, but few outsourcing in Africa so far…

      • Computers aren’t racist? Seriously? What about the recent beauty contest judged by computers, which found in favor of contestants with pale skin? (See The Guardian, “A beauty contest was judged by AI and the robots didn’t like dark skin”). What about Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Tay, which Microsoft had to shut down after it started spouting off pro-Hitler and pro-Trump slogans? Sorry, but I don’t think you fully grasp how White Privilege has infected computers.

        • I don’t want to appear as someone willing to defend racist computers, but sometimes the humans behind the algorithm have an impact as well. Regarding those deplorable two examples that you brought, I wouldn’t be surprised if the programmation was performed in a environment of privilege white males rather than to be outsourced as it should.

        • Racism is so ingrained into our collective conscience that when toddlers of all races are asked to compare pictures of white women to women of color for attractiveness, they are more likely to pick the white women. This is because of advertising trends that relentlessly promote whiteness as the standard of beauty.

          • it’s not just that- even black kids who have never been exposed to any advertising AT ALL prefer white dolls. They do these tests in Africa showing just how far racism has infected everything. They do tests even on babies who are unable to really see or read…same results.

            It appears even that Math is racist as it shows some kind of “golden ratio” with respect to white, Caucasian features that isn’t present in people of color and especially not in black lives, and somehow they are using scientific racism to show that this is an objective measure of beauty! If this is science, then science MUST BE BANNED. NOTHING can be permitted to exist which violates the FIRST LAW OF THE UNIVERSE, that we are ALL PRECISELY EQUAL except for skin color, which was created by white supremacy as an excuse to hate and commit violence on Black Lives, which matter.

      • wasn’t the computer invented by whites? Therefore it MUST be racist. Don’t bullshit me about “Boolean logic” and all of this claptrap- if whites touched it, you KNOW it beez racist.

        The fact that black lives fail so badly to understand and contribute to information technology is PROOF that it is a racist booby trap against black lives! STEM is like this too. These things should be BANNED. They bring no good to the world at all, they just oppress and commit violence against black lives.

        You know that automated FICO scores give blacks a lower average score, significantly so than other races? WHITE OPPRESSION. The computers are singling out blacks using the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Also, traffic and other automated cameras show blacks infracting at higher rates than other races…again, this is clearly racism ingrained into computers.

        The only other alternative would be that blacks actually DO have lower average IQs, commit crimes at higher rates, are objectively less attractive on a GENETIC basis, than other races, and especially whites! Whites would actually BE in a quantitative sense, the master race! And this VIOLATES the FIRST LAW OF THE UNIVERSE that we are ALL EXACTLY EQUAL in EVERY WAY. Because we all bleed red!

        There is ONLY ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE…this has been proven so many times by social justice advocates using the pure weight of their bald assertions so many times that anyone who questions it MUST be a Nazi who wants to kill another 6 trillion jews!

        • “wasn’t the computer invented by whites?”
          No. Neither the computer, nor airplanes, nor cars. In the case of the computer it’s an African American, Mark Dean, although some non objective people are trying to dismiss such outstanding achievements with words like “co-authorship”, “team work”, etc..

        • Actually, if you’re on a computer right now, you can thank an AFRICAN-AMERICAN. AFRICAN-AMERICAN Mark Dean invented the computer.

          AFRICAN-AMERICANS also invented the keyboard you’re typing on, your computer monitor, the mouse you’re using to click the “like” button, and basically everything else relating to computers. What did Donald Trump invent? — maybe the “Trump” brand of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and Islamophobia?

          Thankfully, we have a strong leader in Hillary Clinton, who will pick this country up and carry it into the next progressive century.

          • Black Lies Matter…..

            Mark E. Dean is an African-American inventor and a computer engineer. He was part of the team that developed the ISA bus, and he led a design team for making a one-gigahertz computer processor chip. He holds three of nine PC patents for being the co-creator of the IBM personal computer released in 1981. In August 2011, writing in his blog, Dean stated that he now uses a tablet computer instead of a PC.

            • That’s like saying Michael Jordan wasn’t responsible for winning six NBA championships because he was on a “team” with Luc Longley and Bill Wennington. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.

    • Well said BLM. The world certainly is suffering from an excess of CO2 pollution, and population control is definitely needed. I would argue that white privilege is also leading to the S part of that equation far exceeding sustainable levels in the white dominated countries. This is why we need to ration resource consumption in Western countries through agenda 21, while allowing places like China and Africa to pick up some of the slack. China had the right idea a while ago with their strict one child policy. I would like to see this reintroduced in the West to address the over population of resource usurping whites. I also think part of the problem is capitalism keeping us apart from nature. We’re supposed to live at one with the environment, like the Native Americans did before whites genocided their people.

    • OMG you are the most mathematically ignorant individual I have ever come across. Re-read your freaking equation, the only way four terms multiplied together equal zero, is if one of them is zero. SO which is it, zero population, energy, services or carbon? None of which is possible. Further your contention that prior to white European expansion all the indigenous people lived happy lives in harmony with nature is completely bogus. Those people lived in subsistence living conditions, never more then a season or two away from complete starvation. Take a look at Easter island, and the collapse of that civilization. Had nothing to do with white expansion folks. The “evil” euro-centric civilization has done more to improve the lives around the world then any of you enlightened savages

      • So you’re claiming that indigenous peoples benefited from White Privilege? I guess that means Native Americans benefited from the smallpox blankets that undocumented whites gave them? Or that indigenous “two-spirited” people benefited from Straight Privilege exported by heteronormative whites?

        I find it notable that your “proof” is the example of “Easter Island.” Is that what native Polynesians call the island? No. The real name of the island is “Rapa Nui.” For hundreds of years, whites have not only enslaved people of color; they have taken away OUR CULTURE, OUR WOMYN, AND EVEN OUR NAMES.

        The history of Rapa Nui supports everything I said. The Daily Mail just last year published an article: “Why the population of Easter Island really died out: Study finds arrival of EUROPEANS brought disease that wiped out inhabitants.” The article states that scientists believe the population was “wiped out by SYPHILIS, SMALLPOX, and SLAVERY” brought by the undocumented whites. Faced with resource scarcity caused by White Privilege, overpopulation led to conflict and societal collapse. Eliminating White Privilege and overpopulation will restore cultures back to their golden ages — with vibrant gift economies and societal harmony based on sharing. The equation above shows clearly that population levels must be reduced to under 500 million to make that happen.

  3. I don’t know about the Venus Project per se. But if it means more government and regulations I’m absolutely in favor of it. Because we need the centralized planning of our smartest Elites to overcome the burdens of patriarchy.

    • huh??? You would then be claiming that by implication, pretty much all progressive thought and commentary is a joke?


      • Unless you can show me that this site is run by intellectuals, then I call spoof.

        “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” — George Orwell