The Devastating Effects of Criminal Records


It’s well understood that minority youths are plagued by violence and lack of education. People of color don’t have it easy – many of the neighborhoods they grow up in are ridden with drugs, gangs, crime, and racist police, making it very difficult for young minority men to get a good education and enter the middle class. Part of this problem however, are our methods of dealing with young men who find themselves involved in crime.

We treat these young minorities as criminals, but most of them have no other options, and are surrounded by bad influences that lead them down this path. When we give someone a criminal record, we tarnish their record for life, and force them back into the criminal lifestyle that they so desperately want to escape. Corporations refuse to hire people with criminal records, making it impossible for them to get legitimate jobs. Colleges also discriminate against those with criminal records, not taking into account that not everyone comes from a privileged white two parent home in a low crime area. With no opportunities for employment or education, these young minorities are trapped in a life of violence and despair.

It’s an absolute outrage that in the 21st century, we still treat helpless children born into of crime ridden areas as the perpetrators of crime, rather than victims who have no other options. We need to create laws barring universities and companies from discriminating against applicants with criminal records. This may seem outrageous to some, but ask yourself this question: would you rather these young men were back on the streets committing more crimes? Or would you rather they entered the middle class? We cannot continue to perpetuate the cycle of white privilege, where rich, spoiled white children from stable families and peaceful neighborhoods continue to crowd out universities and get the best jobs. Something needs to be done to create a truly level playing field, which allows people of color to¬†succeed and thrive like everybody else.


  1. “Criminal records” are the 21st Century incarnation of “literacy tests.” Notice that the same segregationist Republicans who support criminal records ALSO support disenfranchising People of Color whom they label “felons.” The real criminals are the racists who support Donald Trump.

    • Exactly. Republicans have always been the party of racism and oppression, and nothing has changed in hundreds of years. Prisons are modern day plantations, where corporations force victimized young minority men to work for no pay. Criminal records bar these youths from ever entering the middle class, thereby furthering white privilege and enforcing modern day segregation.

      • Exactly. Criminals are besieged BY “The Violence,” they are not engaged in it. This is a point that needs to be emphasized. Disadvantaged communities are PLAUGED and BESET by The Violence. Surrounded on all sides by it. With this much exposure to The Violence, how can anyone expect them not to be affected? The Violence destroys communities and people of color. And it follows them everywhere they go.

        To assert otherwise is white privilege. And racism.

        People of Color engage in crime ONLY when they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. This happens because of White Supremacy and the ever-presence of The Violence stalking them. We ALWAYS hear the same stories about young black lives and crime- “he was a good boy.” “he was turning his life around.” “he was an aspiring rapper who just fell in with the wrong crowd.”

        The questions you should ask are WHY are we letting these good boys with so much potential be destroyed by these wrong crowds? Shouldn’t whites check their privilege and stop perpetuating The Violence onto black lives and forcing them into desperation? Whites are the source of The Violence, because white supremacy and slavery is violence that passes on through generations, but not by genetics, because genetics DO NOT act on humans. We are ALL exactly and totally equal except for skin color, which is something white privilege created to give a reason to hate persons of color and black lives, which matter. These wrong crowds are allowed to exist and black lives are placed in the wrong places at the wrong time and their communities are flooded with guns and drugs. The outcome is sadly predictable.

        To sum things up, bad schools cause blacks. Poverty causes blacks. Crime causes blacks. If you disagree and assert the converse, then you are a racist.

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  2. Most white kids I know would gladly trade their father who actually lives with them for a penis the size of the average black man. Many studies support my claim.
    Knowing this, I wonder if anything you just wrote maters?

  3. Don’t forget that many prisons in the US are private (white)-owned corporations. Knowing that it’s easy to see why so many innocent blacks are incarcerated. How can you take responsibility for your own lives when the odds are so much stacked against you?

    • The problem with White Privilege is that it is built on a stack of lies. But, like a pile of Jenga blocks, all it takes is a great leader, a great prophet even, like a Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Colin Kaepernick, to pull out the lies and expose them one after the other. No, I will not stand for the national anthem! No, you didn’t build that!

      The greatest lie is the lie of “merit.” This country wasn’t built by “merit.” It was built on the backs of SLAVES, including CORPORATE PRISON LABORERS. While walking home from my Repro Rights course today, I passed by a Verizon store. What did I see? White face after white face. White male, white female, white male, white male, white female, white male, white male. I took a double-take just to see that my eyes did not deceive me. Sure, enough: all white, males and females. No pangendered or bigendered individuals. No people of color.

      Then I saw a glimmer of hope on the sidewalk outside of store. A message in chalk: “VERIZON USES PRISON LABOR.”

      But no one in the store cared.

      Meanwhile, the African-American homeless person on street had no phone and had no $15 per hour job.

      Donald Trump is a racist who belongs in PRISON.

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  4. As an employer, I have to say that a large part of the reason people with criminal records are unemployable is because of training. You bring someone into a company, large or small, and expect that they will need some level of training in how to do their job. What you do not want is someone that has been trained already to believe that stealing is an expected part of life. What cannot be tolerated in any sort of business is a person trained to believe that violence is a tool to be used in personal interactions.

    The government has done great harm to families with policies that reward single parent families more than two-parent families. This in itself is something that has accelerated the course of violence and crime in minority communities. One possible answer is that to collect government benefits you must be married. This isn’t a complete solution, but it would tend to reverse government-mandated separation of families for the last 50 years or so.

    Trying to say the government polices that have caused this are racist is pointless because the government has no race. It does have a hunger for power and feeding this is destructive to us all.

    The “black culture” which inculcates a belief that minorities are slaves in the US is actively harmful and excuses a great deal. It is easy to justify crime when you say it is simply rebellion against White Masters. All this does is perpetuate crime in minority communities and create an environment where it is assumed there is no real escape and no way other than crime and violence.

    • You sir are part of the problem! How exactly are minorities EVER supposed to escape poverty and violence if you refuse to hire them on the basis of their “criminal records”?!! You are complicit in chaining minorities to a life of crime by refusing to offer them a way out!

      Offering incentives for women to marry their abusive husbands?? Are you serious? This is the 21st century, and women should not have to depend on the patriarchy for survival! Women are PERFECTLY capable of raising their own children WITHOUT men, OK?

      Because of people like YOU, there is NO option for people of color other than violence. You people are the gatekeepers of success, and you openly admit that you are suppressing people of color and promoting white privilege! Unbelievable!

      • Very right of you MDB to insult the author personally, instead of taking serious his “facts”. First he brags about his patriachy, then he just re-iterates the RACIST conservative point of view. That has no place in a serious comment & discussion section!

  5. This is a serious discussion section? Seems like a circle jerk of SJW echo chambered crying about “white privelge” and “patriarchy” – CDRguru was spot on, and that he is creating jobs and even looking at articles like this to discuss his views should give him more respect than your reactionary rhetoric show. Try creating something worthwhile and then make the calls on who to hire yourself. The article has a lot of valid points- the comments section? For shame

    • If you don’t get it, then you should check your privilege.

      This is a site for ACCREDITED progressive writing and thought

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        • As a fellow progressive, I’m a bit concerned that some of your comments could be construed as including microaggressions. For example, the term “home” could be a trigger-word for people without homes, including many African-Americans, Latino-Americans, and LGBT-Americans. Also, referencing “water” could be a trigger-word for many people who don’t have access to clean water, such as the African-American community in Flint, Michigan. All of us progressives have to work together against racism in all its forms, including Donald Trump. The good old white days are OVER.