Why Every Company Should Have A Set Of “Corporate Values”


It’s impossible to run a big multinational in today’s highly competitive global economy without a strong set of corporate values and ethical principles. These values are what drives the company forward, and highlight what the real purpose of the business is – and it’s not making money. The real purpose of a big corporation is laid out in its values statement, and usually includes things like diversity, trust and teamwork. This is what it’s all about, not making money, like the capitalists want it to be about.

Corporate values are drilled into all corporate employees, and the biggest believers are promoted to middle management positions, where they can strategize about further advancing these principles within the company. Only in top level executive and shareholder meetings do they talk about profit and money. But these money-obsessed executives, shareholders and board members are just parasites leaching off all the hard work of middle managers who talk about corporate values. And ironically the higher you go in a corporation, the less these values seem to be upheld.

Take diversity for example. Every top company has the principle of diversity as a core central value, and in their graduate schemes you can clearly see that this is the case. But the higher you move up the ranks, the less diversity you see, until you get to the top where there is a disproportionate representation of whites males. Of course, in some cases such as in various investment banks and media corporations, the ownership is Jewish, and this is OK because Jews are at the top of the victim pyramid. But in every other case it’s not OK. Asians are also guilty of occupying many of the top positions in companies, and are rapidly forming their own system of privilege which keeps other people down.

Another common corporate value is integrity and honesty, which most accredited corporations have down pretty well. Top companies now have good relationships with politicians and maintain an open dialog with governments to ensure that they are following the law and are doing what the people expect of them. When companies make mistakes, or accidentally commit fraud, either a rogue junior employee is duly sentenced and sent to jail, or a senior executive is laid off with a generous severance package. It’s impossible to run a corporation without integrity as one of your key values.

The moral of the story is, corporate values are an essential component to running any top company, and have worked wonders thus far. But in some cases, such as in the case of diversity, much more work needs to be done. Ultimately, corporations shouldn’t be about making money – they should be about ethics and standards. And thankfully executives seem to be understanding this better and better by the day, and are even injecting social justice messages into their ads now. I look forward to a day when all business is about ethics and social justice, and money is a thing of the past.

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Vegan, animal rights activist, LGBTQ+ activist, community organizer and chief editor at the Accredited Times.

I wish I had values – it’s horrible how I’ve taken advantage of oppressed peoples.


A little off topic but evil Putin’s parked his entire military in front of the Kremlin.



Corporate values are important but so too is having diversity in the board room. I’m not just talking about the over-representation of white males (arguably there should be zero representation) but about the roles of the directors. Pull up any list of directors and you get Chief Executive, Chairman, Financial Director, Legal Director etc. Precisely what is the use of these titles in a progressive world?

Where is the LGBTQ+ Director, the Director for Transgenderism, the Chief Vegan Officer? These are the roles that actually make a difference in the modern workplace!


Corporate values must be aligned with Trump’s vision! If you want to eat, get a job. #socialdarwinismisrighteous

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

If corporations were to really set values than they would only serve accredited customers also. Do you know how uncomfortable I feel when drinking a latte and looking around at the large crowd wondering if one of them maybe voted Trump.
Racists and bigots should not be allowed to purchase things like food. clothing etc…
I’m envisioning a Costco like environment where only members can shop.
Of course much tighter standards for the members. I know I’ve seen Trump voters at Costco as well.
Even my looks of detest don’t seem to dissuade them from coming back.