Why Accredited Websites Should Remove Ratings And Reviews


As I have repeatedly stated on this site, ratings, reviews, comments and any form of consumer feedback visible to the public are a grave threat to progressivism. The commenting issue has already been dealt with by most major online news sites, such as the Guardian and New York Times, but ratings and reviews remain a major problem. And to my delight, just as I sit down to write this article, I notice that Netflix has finally taken heed to the Accredited Times’ suggestions and has officially removed their public star rating system. Ratings on Netflix are now invisible, and can only be expressed as a thumbs up and thumbs down. This way, social justice documentaries about the White Helmets and police racism can no longer be vandalized by right-wing trolls who give every progressive film a one star rating. Good work Netflix!

Work remains to be done though, as on Amazon, accredited books are still receiving an avalanche of negative ratings from Russian bot farms and alt-right troll armies. These same sinister internet criminals also give stunning reviews and ratings to right-wing books by Trump and others, as well as to books criticizing the pharmaceutical industry and patriotic military industrial complex companies.

Take for example, Chelsea Clinton’s new book about how a global government with a sensible global health policy could help reduce disease and ill-health throughout the world.

The negative ratings started flowing in for this book barely after it hit the shelves! Clearly a coordinated effort by the Russians and alt-right domestic terror groups.

Now let’s take a look at Trump’s discredited “Art of the Deal” which details how Trump built his fortune by scamming people and putting his name all over things and then charging people for it.

How convenient that the known Russian-backed president of the United States also has shining reviews on Amazon. It couldn’t be that the Russians used these fake reviews to boost his popularity during the election could it?

Netflix and accredited news sites have taken an important step in removing comments and ratings, and now it’s time for other sites, such as Amazon, to follow suit. Granted, some efforts have been made by philanthropic activists to improve the ratings of books like Hillary’s “Stronger Together”, which went from an average rating of one star to almost five stars in a matter of weeks. But these efforts pale in comparison to the highly organized armies of right-wing internet saboteurs. It’s time for Amazon to remove all ratings and reviews, and place accredited items, like Hillary’s books at the top of their listings under an “Amazon pick” section, with selected positive reviews from accredited book critics. Only this way will the public get the balanced, fair view of progressivism that they so sorely need and deserve.


Five stars +++


I agree that ratings and comments have outlived their useful shelf-life and should be removed.

Five stars from me for a great article!


Anyone with a lack of decency and a credit card can hire a like-farm to make themselves look good on the internet. Nasty right-wing bigot Mark Dice is notorious for this and credible information has it that around 96% of his likes are, farmed in Russia, fakes.

This puts progressives, who are naturally honest, at a real disadvantage when it comes to ratings.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

How many others think that it is ironic that Trump ran on creating more jobs for America yet all of these Trump bot farms are based out of Russia.
We need to move these bot farm jobs back here to America or at least to India where all the other phone services have migrated to.


is there no shade-tree that doesn’t have the Russian boogeyman behind it? And i’m still waiting for a story without beaten-up bloodied straw men strewn all about.