Celebrities Speak Out Against Trump


Numerous celebrities, ranging from musicians and Hollywood actors to writers and popular scientists, have voiced their disdain for Trump. Never before in US history has a Presidential candidate been so universally despised by our nation’s most beloved public figures. Actors we have grown up with and held dear in our hearts, such as Robert De Nero and Samuel L Jackson, have delivered devastating critiques of Trump’s moral character and suitability for the presidency. With so many beloved stars voicing their contempt for Trump, many voters are having second thoughts about whether he is eligible for the White House.

Robert De Nero, at the 2016 Sarajevo Film Festival, expressed his contempt for Trump, stating that “He shouldn’t even be where he is, so God Help us”. He has also mentioned that Hillary “has earned the right to be President” through her hard work and years of public service. Well known feminist actresses Lena Dunham and America Ferrara have also blasted Trump for his mistreatment of women and his racist views towards Mexican immigrants. In yet another devastating denouncement, famous writer Stephen King joined over 400 writers in signing a petition denouncing Trump. The petition powerfully states that “The rise of a political candidate who deliberately appeals to the basest and most violent elements in society, who encourages aggression among his followers, shouts down opponents, intimidates dissenters, and denigrates women and minorities, demands, from each of us, an immediate and forceful response”.

However, perhaps the most devastating words of all, came from none other than Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned scientific genius, known for his discoveries about black holes, which have been put into practise by theoretical physicists in universities around the world. When asked about Trump, Hawking said that “it is of great concern” that Trump refuses to acknowledge the existence and threat of man-made climate change. He then went on to say that Trump is “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator”.

With this many influential public figures openly denouncing Trump, many voters are struggling to see him as a viable choice for the presidency. The public will have to decide this November, whether to reject the warnings of these luminaries, and pursue a dark path of chaos and destruction, or to choose the safe and reliable path of a Hillary presidency. Once understood, the choice is simple. I can only hope that common sense prevails, and that we do not descend into anarchy after a shock result in November.

Gwaredd Thomas
Gwaredd Thomas

These Hollyweird muppets have always been flaming liberals so their comments aren’t surprising. Besides, who in their right mind gives a damn what these worthies think. In De Nero’s world any criminal “has earned the right to be president”. After all he should know, he played Al Capone. Anyone who takes their marching orders from this gaggle of fools really represent the “lowest common denominator”.


YOU should. These are members of the liberal elite and they know what’s best for you! Otherwise, why would they be talking?

Ordinary people can’t be trusted to make these types of decisions without assistance from the government, and by extension, elite liberals.

Hillary Clinton will bring us peace, harmony, and stability, by engaging in war with Syria, Iran, and eventually the greatest enemy the earth has ever known, Russia. She will flood the US with tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn countries, and there will be a lot of war-torn countries seeing as how ISIS is out of control in Syria, Iran, and Russia and needs humanitarian intervention of the USA to bring it to heel.

These refugees will boost our economy like a shot of steroids- they always do. Because we are a nation of immigrants and the only REAL americans are immigrants and because of the Zeroth Amendment on the Statue of Liberty.


Good points. According to top economists, migrants are already boosting the economies of Germany and Sweden. Opposition to taking refugees has no economic basis – it’s purely motivated by racism and Islamaphobia.


Gaggle of fools? These are some of the country’s most revered media personalities, with years, if not decades of experience of life in the public eye. These people are excellent judges of character, and they see Trump for who he really is – a corrupt, racist bigot. And what about Stephen Hawking? He’s one of the smartest people on this planet, and he endorses Hillary – are you saying that he’s mistaken? Who are YOU to question his judgement?

Ms. Skrelly Dolezal
Ms. Skrelly Dolezal

With the emergence of more and more A-list stars and the Titans of celluloid and silverscreen flexing their allegiance, it is clear where we are headed.

After enduring countless trials and a dogged work ethic – while managing to balance much deserved hedonistic pursuits, these celebrities are literally the glowing distillation of what our Best and Brightest has to offer. The humbled hoi-polloi, while never dreaming to have the intellect or reach the strata of our larger than life idols, are still capable of recognizing when the truth rings loud.

It has become clear that our candidate, her supporters, and her enclave of celebrity intellectuals has being playing 9th dimensional chess while You Know Who has been playing some version of checkers, Connect-4 or maybe even just Candyland.


@MDB: You remind me my niece, except that she is far much liberal than you; you can’t imagine how I’m delighedt to when there are family celebrations and she starts to educate and enlight us.


I hope your niece is getting through to you political Neanderthals!

Hillarys Server
Hillarys Server

Hillary will also remove Putin so we can finally achieve a unipolar world of American peace.

And the most effective way to reduce our nuclear arsenal is of course to actually use them.

To reduce loss of human life, we can alternate between fusion (so called H bombs) and fission (so called A bombs) bombs.

Fusion is the opposite of fission, as Hawkins has also proven, so using them in turns will cancel out almost all of the total effect. A then H then A then H, in that fashion. The United Nations can help coordinate this.

In this way, we’ll reduce the nuclear stockpile permanently, Russia will be neutralized by the very strength of our moral authority and a century of peace will reign on earth.