Why We Need a War With Police


America has always been a racist and sexist country, and nothing much has really changed in 240 years. The police in America are nothing more than defenders of the white patriarchy, and continue to kill innocent people of color in cold blood. Victims of oppression in America are not only discriminated against in the workplace, colleges and in social situations, they are now being gunned down with impunity by racist white cops. How much more of this cold blooded murder can we allow before oppressed people of color stand up and do something to defend their lives and their right to dignity, prosperity and happiness?

The recent shootings of white cops, although regretful, are really just karma for centuries of racial profiling and unjustified arrests and shootings. Those who face persecution and discrimination by a racist system have come to the realization that they can no longer sit idly by while their people are treated like animals. They have realized that it is time to fight back.

People of color didn’t start this war – they are simply defending themselves from an oppressive system. This war is not just for people of color to fight; it is for all oppressed peoples – women, gays, transgenders, disabled people. All of these people experience oppression and discrimination on a daily basis in America, and they deserve to be heard. The backlash against police will continue until their grievances are addressed, and the white patriarchy admits its sins and pays reparations for its crimes. White people who want to apologize for their sins are welcome to join too, as long as they check their privilege. The retaliation will continue until these demands are met, and until America apologizes for its shameful past.


  1. you know this entry could have used a bit more exaggeration to make your point better. as it is , the zh crowd gets your trolling humor, but you are putting to much faith in the intelligence and mental posture of the average person for them to even understand you are making an attempt at stirring cognitive dissonance.

    the problem with thoughtful humor is that is requires some mental effort to recognize let alone appreciate.

    what’s ironic and sad about your trolling is that as the quality of our society sinks, so to does the possibility of your even being recognized as humor or trolling. literally people will just take this crap as face value claptrap that could be easily posted on hundreds of blm websites. sadly, you could probably submit this now as is and it would be published on a variety of sites for public consumption as earnest rhetorical writing.

    oy. shalom alechem mdb. i fear in the future, youre postings won’t stir the humor pot on zh anymore. let’s hope that future is far off.

    • This ZHer happens to think he did a great job of highlighting SJW stupidity, as he always does.

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  2. Western Whites wage relentless wars and subversion around the globe along with many proxy wars and wars thru surrogates. They do this at a time when their proportion in the global human population is collapsing threatening them with the fate of the dinosaurs.

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  4. Law enforcement agencies may now be equipped with the new ShitStorm weapon, which emits high-velocity encapsulated human waste, much like a Gatlin Gun with paintballs. It is rumored that local militarized police forces are accepting these from the Feds as a crowd control measure.
    Departments have also been offered the riot control grade ‘Urinator’ system. Adapted fire trucks and liquid tanks blast a wide path through throngs of SJWs. The combination of ‘ShitStorm’ and ‘Urinator’ squads can repel thousands of angry mobsters, that just anticipated mere tear gas, rubber bullets, nightsticks and shields. SJWs become their own repellent in such situations, especially when they can’t find a motel to rent them a room.
    Also present in the modern arsenal is a new Ultra Low Frequency sonic weaponry named Punitive Universal Kinetic Esophageal Regurgitation device (PUKER), tested to disburse large crowds with ‘extreme prejudice’.

  5. one thing that’s important to note, when a cop guns down a minority, the cop is WHITE. Even if he appears to be Chinese like one of the most recent ones…rest assured, your eyes are lying- he is white. Only white people and especially white police, hate. And gun down innocent minorities SOLELY for the color of their skin.

    And the person who is shot by the police is black. Unless they are white, then who cares? White people deserve it for millennia of inventing slavery. And because racism.

    George Zimmerman was a POC when helping blacks but as soon as he shot Saint Trayvawn, he became white. This is how social justice and equality works, ok? ’nuff said.

  6. Clearly Comey *must* deputize the Black Panthers forthwith (affirmative-action Quantico fasttrack?…), and *immediately* clean up shop at any and all state, county, municipal or highway PD currently harboring white LEOs.

    Panther delegates should then be given the chief/commisioner gig in every PD so affected.

    This cannot wait until Hillary is installed in January, – we need action *NOW*.