Why the TPP is Essential for America


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between the USA, Mexico, Canada, and a host of countries in the Pacific, such as Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. The aim of the TPP is to facilitate trade between the signatory countries to promote economic growth, job creation and worker’s rights. The TPP aims to modernize the way we do international trade by recognizing that we live in a globalized world, and that greater unity and cooperation between countries is required in order to support the operations of multinational corporations.

The TPP will lower tariffs and other barriers to trade between the member countries, encouraging greater movement of goods, services and people. This will make it easier for companies to relocate offshore and take advantage of opportunities overseas, allowing them to produce better, cheaper goods and services. The partnership will also make it easier for companies to employ foreign labor in order to lower costs and source human capital that better meets their business needs. This lowering of trade barriers will boost economic growth and benefit us all by promoting employment, efficiency and trade in all of the member countries.

However, perhaps the most important provision in the TPP is the creation of a global court of law, capable of resolving international disputes between companies and governments. In a world in which governments and corporations routinely work together to achieve economic and political objectives, it is essential that corporations have the legal means to hold governments accountable and ensure that they are being treated fairly. For instance, Monsanto has often been discriminated against by governments, denying millions of people cheaper and healthier foods. Under the TPP, Monsanto will be able to sue these governments for unfair treatment. Pharmaceutical companies also feel cheated that the supplement industry is allowed to make unverified claims about the benefits of vitamins, minerals and herbs, while they are forced to carry out trials costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Under the TPP, this injustice will end.

The TPP also promises to protect the environment by cracking down on unlawful fishing, deforestation and destruction of natural habitats. Only companies that pass the strict environemntal requirements enforced by the TPP and its member states, will be allowed to operate.

The fact is, borders, tariffs and unfair treatment of foreign corporations make us all poorer. If we want to experience another industrial revolution in America, then we have to embrace global trade, and give up the fantasy that we can live apart from the rest of the world by protecting American companies and employing only Americans. We live in a globalized world, and in order advance economically we need to transcend international boundaries and embrace globalization. By joining the TPP, America will be taking an important step away from protectionism and towards unity with the rest of the world, thereby ushering in a new age of prosperity and economic freedom that will be enjoyed not only by us, but for generations to come.


  1. I agree 100%. Much was made by right wing kooks that this treaty was negotiated in secret by our leaders without any oversight.

    Good! They know what’s best…people should stop thinking that they can handle all the information and details and just accept the distillation of things down into small sound bites for their consumption via accredited media.

    Trade partnerships and supranational treaties are important because they take power away from local people and governments, who have shown a LONG pattern of using those powers to oppress minorities and women, and put them into the hands of a global elite. These elite have the best degrees from the most prestigious schools and are in many cases the very children of the last generation of elites…so they’ve been raised since birth to understand their role in the global village.

    The role of the consumer is to consume, borrow, spend, and help the economy! Thinking isn’t part of this. Consuming and spending is.

    But, we HARDLY want another industrial revolution, full of capitalist robber barons and environment destroying big business. The modern economy has shown that oil and fossil fuels are antiquated, that internal combustion is obsolete, and clean, free energy should be available to ALL.

    We no longer need factories belching pollution everywhere. We have the modern service economy and app developers. We can drive Ubers using electrical power given to us totally free from the sun…the sun is always up there, day and night, orbiting the earth and providing us with limitless free energy.

    Only evil oil companies oppose this clean energy revolution

    • Yes agreed. Economic growth from now on needs to be SUSTAINABLE. That means our living standards won’t necessarily increase, but at least we won’t be destroying the planet. We all need to learn to make sacrifices and live with less – smaller cars, less meat and less energy all round. It’s the only way to save the planet while enjoying a semblance of the lives we’ve become accustomed to.

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