The Case for Open Borders


Immigration has become a scapegoat for almost all of America’s economic and societal ills. The far right continues to claim that American jobs are being taken by immigrants, and that immigration is responsible for every problem under the sun, from the national debt and welfare dependency, to terrorism and crime. Many of these far-right conservatives reminisce about the days when America was 80-90% white, and resembled an outpost of Europe. Most people however, embrace multiculturalism, and think that America should be a place where everybody can realize their dreams, regardless of national origin.

Perhaps the most misguided of the conservative anti-immigration claims is that immigration leads to unemployment. Studies have shown time and time again that immigrants are a net positive to the economy, helping companies expand and employ more people. In addition, many immigrants start businesses and employ Americans themselves. Those jobs that immigrants do take, are usually jobs that Americans do not want, such as low-skill manual labor. Conservatives sometimes claim that American teenagers and college students would be willing to take these jobs, but the reality is that most American youths don’t want to work, and those who do are unsatisfied with even the current minimum wage. The claim that immigrants are more welfare dependent than natives is also irrelevant, because immigrants contribute to the economy and help pay for their own welfare consumption.

The idea that immigrants are disproportionately responsible for crime and terrorism is also a myth. The vast majority of criminals and terrorists are born in America, and typically represent a small minority of their ethnic or cultural group. In fact, the terror threats that our government is most worried about are home grown right-wing domestic terrorists such as the Oregon ranchers, so blaming foreigners for terrorism is wholly inaccurate.

Ultimately, immigration benefits us all. A rich and diverse nation is always going to be more prosperous and exciting to live in than a stale monoculture. Most of the world’s talent and intellectual capital is outside of America – why are we barring these people from contributing to our economy? Open borders simply mean that everybody is free to pursue freedom and happiness in America while contributing to our success and enriching our society. We are all human beings, and we all share the same values deep down. By tearing down borders, we can begin to work together, rather than fighting with each other. Let’s build a society based on peace and cooperation, rather than hate and separation, where races, cultures and religions can come together in harmony and build a better world for everybody.


  1. Yes. Borders are racist.

    If I invite you to my house, it is the RIGHT of 50 of your friends to come as well to enjoy the comforts I’ve offered you. Stop being a bigot, it is CURRENT YEAR.

    California got +10 million residents and only like 100,000 new tax returns…CLEARLY this is progress.

    People are rejecting employment with capitalist big corporations and choosing to live under socialism, which is what any progressive should do.

    The reason that 90% of everything was invented in 90% white countries over the past century is a perfect example of racism…oppression kept other people from inventing things. Because slavery.

    • Good points trav. However I disagree that 90% of inventions were invented by whites. That’s a lie perpetuated by eurocentric history. You should look into other histories that dispell this myth, and reveal that most of these inventions were stolen from the rest of the world.

  2. MillionDollarBonus, I was quite disappointed when you said “America should be a place where everybody can realize their dreams, regardless of national origin” — without bothering to mention race, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

    Sorry, MillionDollarBonus, this may not be apparent to you, but BLACK LIVES MATTER. Talking about “races, cultures and religions” coming “together in harmony” is as bad as saying “All Lives Matter.” No, NOT “All Lives Matter” — “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” This position against open borders is really about maintaining White Privilege against Black Lives, including especially Black Lives who belong to the LGBTQIAP community.

    I also found your article to be extremely offensive for using the word “immigrant.” It is the White Privilege elites who “immigrated” here and stole Aztlan from its native people. Aztlan had no “borders” or “immigration” before White Privilege arrived. We were one world, one community. Frankly, you should not even be commenting on the undocumented debate because you are not undocumented. Your eurocentric speech violates the First Amendment rights of La Raza and threatens Black Lives.


    • BLM, you are right, my apologies. As a white male, I’m guilty of subconscious racism and don’t even realize when I’m doing it. I should really just be quiet and just shut up on matters like these. The white man has had his time, and now it’s time for us to pay reparations and let other people thrive.

      • MillionDollarBonus, reparations are a START. How are we going to get to the FINISH LINE? We NEED a THIRD TERM for Barack. The good old white days are OVER.

        • we must return to the peace and harmony of Aztlan before it was stolen from the Salutrians. Who were from Europe. The Europeans are so evil they pre-invaded Aztlan maybe 10-20000 years before any Aztlaners had even gotten here, in an attempt to entrench white supremacy on this continent. Fortunately, they were displaced or slaughtered by Asiatic migrants just looking for a better life, who built pyramids and came up with many exotic ways to do vivisection on humans, open heart surgeries (by the 10s of 1000s), skin removal, and other advanced procedures atop those pyramids LONG before Columbus came and made them slaves.

          Much may be made of the “imperial” nature of Aztec, Inca, or Mayan civilizations, or the prevalence of slavery and human sacrifice, but this is just eurosplaining. It’s racism in its worst form. Today, white societies are oppressing indigenous peoples all over the world with indoor plumbing, refrigeration, and electric power- these things must be stopped. Whites and their barbarous creations must be abolished. We will be better off living in harmony like the Apache or Sioux, as part of peace-loving noble philosophers.

    • All lives matter except those that kill for the sake of it. You racist gas bag self entitled elitist. You’re no better than the “whites” you hate. Go back to Africa then, to the place and people that sold you to the euros in the first place. Neither of you should be allowed to talk at all. Especially you poster. Are you ashamed to be white? If you are then wake up. It’s not racist to be proud of yourself especially if every other “race” can openly do so. As for you BLM, you are thee worst kind of person. A racist self serving speckle of human waste. And yeah lets get whites out of power, and let the blacks and/or far left run things, detroit, chicago, Cleveland, baltimore, birmingham, Zimbabwe. you fucking wake up. It’s people like you that slow progress and integration. Racism is on its way out, look at how far we’ve come. Let it die. Stop hanging on to it and crying foul at the same time.

      • Why don’t you go back to Europe first? This continent belongs to PEOPLE OF COLOR — not pale, sickly looking Europeans who believe in oppressing People of Color and not paying the reparations that they owe. Even MillionDollarBonus recognizes the importance of reparations.

        Black Lives STARTED civilization. Egypt, the Empire of Mali, the Nation of Israel — all Black Lives. Jesus Christ himself was a Black Man. White Privilege DESTROYS civilization — and White Privilege specifically targets anywhere run by Black Lives, enslaving People of Color, denying them their basic rights to water, food, and healthcare, shackling them in chains, and locking them in cages called “prisons.” How can Detroit thrive when White Privilege jails Black Lives and racist police officers roam the streets looking for Black Lives for target practice? How can Flint thrive when White Privilege poisons their water, killing their children?

        Trav777 is 100% correct. We need to return to the peace and harmony of Aztlan, and we need to return to living in balance with the environment.

        This racism is exactly why we need a THIRD TERM now for Barack. THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE.

        • YES!

          Look at Mother Africa! Before the white man, the natives were able to practice cannibalism in PEACE and HARMONY. This was all disrupted by white privilege and the slave trade. Whites have further oppressed Africans with roads and hospitals and cellular telephone networks. This has disturbed EVERYTHING. This is not the natural state of being of wise Africans. They want to live free, in harmony with nature and malaria and typhus and such things- NATURAL things.

          Fortunately, most whites have been displaced from Detroit, and it is returning to Mother Nature, away from the hands of foolish whites and their white supremacy of multistory engineered structures and nighttime illumination. GOOD RIDDANCE.

          Aztlan is the model…the harmony of the Pawnee, Sioux, and Cheyenne is a beacon of tolerance for all mankind, not the white privilege-fed nonsense of the criminal European invader. The natives, the First Nations, showed us the way of Aztlan and we MUST return to this natural state.

  3. Accredited Scientists have calculated there are *at least* 100Bn planets in the Milky Way galaxy *alone*, and ain’t one of ’em’s got borders – Jus’ sayin’…


    • Imagine if white people had not destroyed the mind controlled flying black pyramids from when they wuz kangz- we could be exploring those planets and sharing in galactic harmony. It’s time for privilege to get checked.

      • Hmmm… You *may* be onto something there, Trav.

        – Paging Dr Daniel Jackson and Col Jack o’Neill?…