The Progressive Revolution


Young people are fed up with the exploits of western capitalism. Millenials have watched as their parents and grandparents disregard climate change, while the third world is ravaged by droughts and flooding. They’ve watched capitalism destroy the global economy, only to see ‘socialism’ blamed for the world’s ills. They’ve watched as mass shootings swamp America, and how the bitter clingers continue to resist sensible gun legislation. They’ve watched as racist cops gun down innocent people of color, time and time again. The youth are sick and tired of the evils of the west, and they’re not going to take it any longer.

Crowds of mostly millenials have taken to the streets across the western world in huge numbers to let their leaders know that they are fed up with the state of society, the economy, and the environment. Many of the causes they are fighting for have been on the global agenda for decades, but progress has been frustratingly slow. For instance, although women have started to make up a more appropriate percentage of college graduates, men still earn significantly more than women in the workplace. The income gap between white males and people of color remains obscene, and the measures taken to mend this inequality have barely made a dent. Undocumented immigrants are still exploited and still have absolutely no rights under the law. Attempts to grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants who have been here for decades have been repeatedly shut down by staunch conservatives. Progress has simply been too slow, and young people are realizing that if they do not take a strong stance now, our progressive ideals may never be reached.

When you boil it down, this movement is really about one thing: love. Progressives want a compassionate society that focuses on need not greed. We want equality for all people, regardless of color, gender or ‘legal status’. We want to spread the world’s wealth to those who need it, and tax and regulate those who have far more than they can ever use. We want a world that thinks about the future of our planet, and the damage that fossil fuels are doing to the environment that our children will inherit. We believe in a world in which countries can work together, under a unified leadership that shares the common goals of all peoples. The progressive revolution believes that we all have the same vision for the world deep down. We want a world in which basic needs like education, housing, food, clean water and electricity are available for all; a world in which the privileged and the greedy are punished, and the oppressed and less fortunate are rewarded. A true egalitarian society is within arm’s reach, but in order to make it a reality we need to stand up and fight today. So for the sake of progress, equality and love, join the progressive revolution today and be part of something that matters. The time to take action is now.

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    • That’s absolutely disgusting, and it brings me back to my point about why we need to ban hate speech on the internet. It’s absolutely innapropriate to post such vile content that offends historically oppressed groups.

      • More white Catholics from Ireland were emsnaved than blacks in Anerica from 1600-1750.
        Because you never learned this in indoctrination / anti white schooling doesn’t mean they were any less historically oppressed, sjw idiot….

        • There were no white Slavess in America. The Irish were indentured servants vs The Africans who were victims of chattel slavery.

          Look it up and do not confuse the 2. It iis insulting to every one reading this who wants to learn the truth.

          • 2) Leading up to the Civil War, a vastly higher quotient of whites had worked as indentured servants and convict laborers than had ever owned slaves. Most historians, regardless of their political orientation, agree that anywhere from half to two-thirds of whites who came to the American colonies arrived in bondage. The fact that the vast majority of whites existed in a state closer to slavery than to slave ownership is something resolutely ignored in the modern retelling of history.

            3) Documents from the era show that so-called white “indentured servants” were often referred to as “slaves” rather than “servants.”

            4) These “servants” did not always enter into voluntary contracts. There is overwhelming evidence that many of them were kidnapped by organized
            criminal rings and sent to work on American plantations. It is possible that as many, if not more, whites than blacks were brought involuntarily to the colonies.

            5) The middle-passage death rates for these “servants” were comparable to that of blacks on slave ships from Africa to the New World.

            6) Indentured servants were whipped and beaten, sometimes to death. When they escaped, ads were placed for their capture.

            7) They lived under conditions so brutal that an estimated half of them died before their seven-year term of indenture expired.
            See Muchael Hoffmans They Were White and They Were Slaves