Why The World Needs New Public Holidays


Today is Christmas day, but I won’t be wishing you a merry Christmas, as so many insensitive Christians do. Unlike them, I understand how hurtful this holiday is to Muslims whose ancestors were slaughtered by the millions during the crusades. The LGBTQ+ community is also more than aware of Christianity’s attitude towards them, and many of them regard Christmas as a celebration of homophobia and transphobia. This holiday, like many others, is frankly outdated, and needs to be replaced with new holidays that address social justice issues and things that people really care about in the 21st Century.

Below are a couple of suggestions for holidays more suitable to the 21st Century, taking into account the range of social and political issues facing our planet that need attention.

Holiday Suggestions

  • White Privilege Awareness Day
  • Black Pride Day
  • Hispanic Pride Day
  • Indian Pride Day
  • Asian Pride Day
  • Jewish Pride Day
  • Muslim Pride Day
  • Trans Pride Day
  • Gender Awareness Day
  • Womyn’s Day
  • Climate Change Awareness Day
  • Global Unity Day
  • Social Justice Day
  • Police Racism Awareness Day
  • Islamaphobia Awareness Day

Feel free to suggest any other issues you think are worth celebrating, and worthy of replacing Christmas, Easter and other archaic bigoted holidays. Happy Kwanzaa everybody!

Maurice Miner
Maurice Miner

How about “Using Correct Grammar Day”?

Who would know whose delicate sensibilities would be aroused by using the grammatically incorrect inclusive “who’s”, rather than the pronoun “whose”?

I am sure that MDB would not wish for a fatwa to be declared by those whose grammatical precepts have been so badly violated in this manner.


Regressive Party ChairMAN
Regressive Party ChairMAN

Yes, we need to cater to the sensibilities of the Grammar Phobs. In most every thread on the entire Internet, at least one grammarphob has been triggered.

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Thank you for making people aware just how non-inclusive C_______s really is. You’d think that, as it is commonly accepted among academics that we are living in the post Christian era, we’d just do away with this relic of a bygone bigoted age.

Black Lives Matter

I hereby issue a fatwa declaring today Muslim Pride Day.


How about Inclusiveness Day…it will be a day for celebration and inclusion of everybody except white people.

Too often we hear bigoted stereotypes, today can be a day for recognition that we cannot tar an entire group by the actions of a few members as well as that it is wrong to refer to or denigrate entire races of people, which is why ALL white people will have to use the day to accept that the ENTIRE WHITE RACE has privilege and supremacy and that WHITENESS is the single biggest problem facing the human race.


Mr. trav, sometimes I miss the complete meaning of your complex comments. But couldn’t you have written “calumniate” or a synonym instead of “de____ate?” Progressives say “whitelist” instead of “bl___klist.” In case you didn’t know, the word “de____ate” is derived from the N-word.

Black Lives Matter

The use of the term “tar” is also deeply troubling. I’m very concerned about the potential microaggressions here.


Cool. Sounds great. Lets also get rid of Ramadan and any other none inclusive holidays. Time to demolish Medina and Mecca.

On holiday suggestions how about:

Islamic terrorism Awareness Day

Fathers Day for Single Mothers Day

How to Get Off Government Assistance Day

Womans Rights Does Not Include a Burka Day

Equal Gender Rights and Islam Day

Why Rioting When You Dont Get Your Way is Wrong a Day

Learn To Shoot a Rioter Day

Individual Freedom Day (Limited Government Day)

How to Be An American Day

Racism Works Both Was Day

Why Committing Crimes Makes My Race Get Pulled Over More Day

Ive never owned a slave day

Ive got tons of others. We can have a holiday everyday!






In between Indian Pride Day and
Asian Pride Day n ed to add European American Pride Day or White Pride Day


Straight Pride Day
Energy Awareness Day
Taking Personal Responsibility Day
Christianphobia Day
Racism Awareness Day



Herr Gauleiter
Herr Gauleiter

Yeah, and ExxonMobil Day whose festivities are presided over by Cardinal Tillerson for the amusement of the God-Emperor himself, seated all beatifically on the Cherry Blossom throne, having issued an encyclical declaring that in lieu of a merdy Christmas, Christendom shall forever wish one another a very very huwhite Christmas on that holy day, cheered on most ably by his lieutenants the mad dog and Lord Sessions.

On second twat, yuck, that sound regressive and RAYCISS. Let’s go with fatwas and faggots instead.