Libertarians – EXPOSED


There are many crazy groups out there from far right lunatics, superstitious cultists and wacko conspiracy theorists, but few groups are as universally naive and misguided as libertarians. Libertarians claim to be a legitimate political group with an affinity for extreme forms of capitalism and a complete disregard for national defense and the safety of American citizens. Fringe two-time presidential candidate Ron Paul introduced ordinary Americans to Libertarianism in 2008 with his numerous unfortunate media appearances. Although the majority of Americans are rightfully shocked by the extreme views of libertarians, these views still plague the internet and appeal to the least principled members of society; hackers, nerds, outcasts and rednecks. This article exposes the many naive assumptions and flawed beliefs in the libertarian philosophy, and why we as progressives need to do everything we can to rid the internet and other media outlets of these toxic ideas.

Why Libertarians are Wrong

Libertarianism is based on the flawed assumption that the profit incentive will achieve an equal and happy society. The reality of course, is that profits incentivize businesses to destroy the environment and exploit workers in order to extract every last dollar out of mother earth and the blood sweat and tears of working people. Disadvantaged members of society such as single mothers and minorities need to be assisted by the privileged white male patriarchy, or else they’ll fall victim to harsh market forces. Under-served members of society are not accustomed to the competitive dog-eat-dog market economy and they desperately need assistance from the helping hand of government.

Libertarians also trust corporations not to mess up the economy like they did in 2007-2008 without government oversight. The evidence clearly demonstrates that profit incentives alone lead to destruction and that sometimes objective and knowledgeable government regulators need to intervene and steer businesses away from irresponsible and risky decisions and put them on a sustainable path.

Why Libertarians are Dangerous

Libertarians argue with the foundational  principles of America and propose to eliminate almost all government progress since our country’s inception. Libertarians want to eliminate government assistance for the poor, the old and the sick, leaving vast numbers of helpless people to fend for themselves. Libertarians insist that we don’t need to worry about the poor because  the ‘corporations’ will somehow trickle down a few crumbs to the peasants. Libertarians naively believe that we can simply trust the rich to share their obscene wealth with those in need without any legislation whatsoever.

Libertarians are oblivious to the dangers of terrorism and the need to intervene in countries that threaten our peace and American values such as Iran and Syria. Libertarians are happy to let Iran develop nuclear weapons while they threaten to wipe our allies such as Israel off the face of the earth. Another clear example of  how libertarian naivety endangers millions of innocent people.

Libertarians also want to completely overthrow our financial system by eliminating our Federal Reserve Bank. Virtually every country in the world has a central bank that issues and manages the country’s money, but libertarians want to overthrow the entire system and destroy our currency. If this isn’t an act of treason and domestic terrorism then I don’t know what is. Ideas like abolishing or auditing the Federal Reserve belong in the insane asylum and have no place in a civilized liberal democracy.

What Can We Do About It

Libertarianism isn’t just another political view that can coexist with other political ideas. Libertarianism seeks to destroy other political ideologies entirely by attacking the foundation of our liberal democracy: our government. Without a state or central bank, other political ideologies have no tools with which to build a prosperous and equal society. Libertarianism simply has to be eliminated because it fundamentally cannot coexist with legitimate political ideologies.

There are a number of things that we can do to rid the world of libertarianism. The first thing we can do is to introduce laws against criticizing the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America. This is clearly an act of terrorism and cannot be tolerated in a modern democracy. Next, we can encourage the NSA to start profiling and monitoring the most influential libertarians. It’s important to make sure that libertarian views to do not get out of hand because before we know it, it might be too late. Lastly, something we as progressives can all do is continue to expose the underlying corporate interests such as the Koch Brothers that lurk behind almost every libertarian initiative. When the American people find out that corporate interests are behind the many libertarian policy initiatives that were sold to them as selfless attempts to save the economy, libertarians will lose all credibility overnight.

We as progressives need to join together in a crusade against this bigoted and nihilistic ideology before it consumes our society. It is up to those with the vision and courage to eliminate libertarianism to do so now, so that our children have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our equal society just as we have.


  1. Nothing …. will create an equal and happy society …. that is a socialist, religious doctrine dream …. to wow the masses …. as in heaven on earth …. but, nothing will do more …. to promote the general welfare …. in all it’s realistic glory …. than Libertarianism ?

    • Libertarianism …. the last frontier …. of the new world …. forward pioneers …. and it’s way better than …. Gubermentarianism (the whole socialist/fascist idea cloud) !

    • It sickens me to read this sort of discredited claptrap from you libertarian types. Progressivism has ALREADY created an equal society and leveled the playing field! Progressives have introduced diversity into every nook and cranny and this has leveled everything in its path. From to Detroit real estate, the relentless march of progressive diversity is leveling things as far as the eye can see.

      Only foolish libertarians still cling to God and guns. Haven’t these weekly school shootings shown us that we can’t handle the privilege of owning guns? Didn’t Trayvawn Martin prove that already? Had there not been a gun at that incident, the outcome would have been much better- truly what every progressive dreams of. Martin would have exorcised his expression of urban discontent and killed Zimmerman. He could have been a progressive hero like any of the many cause celebre cop killers wrongfully incarcerated by a racist system for standing up to “the man.”

      I cannot fathom the type of person that sees great achievements like of our diverse government (which under this administration has FINALLY stopped hiring white males by executive order) and who doesn’t want them involved in every nook and cranny of life. The government is just trying to HELP YOU idiot libertarians and if you can’t be happy with happiness, then you need to go to prison. If libertarians would simply quit trying to stop the tide of progress, we could get a lot further in leveling more things. It’s just time, ok?

  2. Under Libertarianism …. black American’s …. can at least dream …. of owning their own liquor stores ….. and being more than pimps, whores and low level drug runners ?

    • they are too busy being oppressed by the “school to prison pipeline.” This pipeline was built by white men directly from schools to prisons. It causes black youths and teens to commit crimes which result in their incarceration. If we simply would not ever punish them when they are juveniles, then they would not have criminal records when they become over 18 teens and youths. Then they would not go immediately to prison.

      Black crime is clearly as a result of anger over slavery. When a black shoots another black over a dice game or rapes a black woman, he is thinking about slavery and how to get revenge on the white man- isn’t this obvious?!? I mean, what says “deep abstract philosophical or political statement” better than random impulse violence or sexual crimes?

      Therefore, punishing these reactions to slavery is another form of institutional racism, which is everywhere.

  3. “The first thing we can do is to introduce laws against criticizing the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America”

    “Next, we can encourage the NSA to start profiling and monitoring the most influential libertarians”

    Scratch a progressive and you reveal the inner fascist.

  4. I don’t mean to be rude… but libertarians just don’t seem able to think properly about what would happen if there was no government. How could the government end the Federal Reserve if there was no government to end it? How could the government end essential help to the poor if they abolished government? Who would end government services if the government were no longer in existence? This is so OBVIOUSLY CONTRADICTORY that it’s clear libertarians are suffering some kind of terrible cognitive deficit that should disallow them to attempt to communicate their diseased thinking to other people!

    This is why I urge EVERYONE to sign up to my petition to end the dangerous 1st amendment! Non-accredited people are gaining increasing influence on the Interwebs, and we need opinions to be overseen and checked by thoughtful regulators who know the right answers to today’s complex problems, to prevent even more madcap ideas to circulate and gain traction amongst the electorate, many of whom are allowed to vote despite their kooky ideas!


    • Very good point Accredited Aggie. This is indeed a blatant contradiction and it’s quite alarming that libertarians are unaware of it. The government can’t do what libertarians want it to do if it doesn’t exist!

      • Next thing they’ll be telling us how they’re not even really ‘*PEOPLE*’ (all caps 😉 ), & how, like, ‘people’ are really just some kinda scam perpertrated by ‘Ther Gubberment’… – seriously, WTF?!…

        – I mean, really, what can one do with minds like these?… – repeal the 1st?,… for jackasses like these?: – *HELLA YEAH*!!,…

        …& let’s sow these punks’ mouths up while we’re at it, just to be on the safe side, m’kay?…

  5. In former the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics all were equal. Equally poor!
    Forward Soviet!
    Forward USSA!!

  6. “…most influential libertarians” MDB?… – an oxymoron if ever there was one… – shurely shome mishtake, shir?…