It’s Time For Elites To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands


With the rise of populist movements such as Donald Trump’s candidacy and Britain’s nationalist independence movement, many of the world’s leaders are worried that the global economy is at risk of spiralling into chaos. Democracy, individual rights and free markets have allowed ordinary people to exercise more control over their lives than ever before; but many are now questioning whether this freedom gone too far.

Nobody disputes that ordinary citizens have some rights and freedoms, but just what these freedoms should be is a matter still hotly debated by social and political scholars. For instance, the right to own dangerous firearms has been granted to Americans for centuries, but with the epidemic of mass shootings in America, a large number of social experts are urging congress to retract this right, in line with most other countries. It’s also hard to deny that ‘freedom of speech’ has been abused by far-right groups and conspiracy theorists, who continue to push toxic agendas that destabilize societies and economies. Each and every one of these ‘rights’ that many take for granted, needs to be reviewed and reconsidered in the context of a modern, globalized world.

Democracy also has its limitations. When citizens start to vote counter to economic and social experts on critical issues such as immigration, European unity and international trade, the greater good is no longer enhanced by the democratic process. The Brexit vote has not only destabilized Europe and sent the British economy into freefall – its effects have upset the entire global economy. Donald Trump’s rise to power has also disrupted the political process in America, and should he rise to the presidency he threatens to overturn decades of social and economic progress.

Global leaders need to re-assert their authority and remind the general population that democratic rights are not universal or sacred. The governing structures, legal institutions and central banks that make modern democracy possible are upheld and maintained by a select group of political, social and economic experts. The rights that ordinary people enjoy are granted by those who run the political machinery, and as such may be suspended at any time for the greater good. Global leaders have a responsibility to stand in the way of populist uprisings that threaten to wipe out decades of political progress; and not to passively affirm the will of the people. What happened in Britain and what is happening in America are both a consequence of weak leadership, and it is going to take assertiveness from world leaders, not acquiescence to popular opinion, to restore the global order.


  1. ———– this MUST be sarcasm, because this guy is a perfect example of an “expert” who does not know JACK ——–
    “experts”?! you mean IDIOTS , who took us from a couple thousand terrorists to HUNDREDS of thousands…… who have screwed up the economy, the environment, EVERYTHING the “experts” have dabbled in is SH-T
    Our RIGHTS are not “granted” by the Pedophilic TWITS in government. Our RIGHT come from GOD

    • Wilburt, if that is your name; this is a serious news outlet for the highly educated and informed. If you do not trust those in power, it is probably because you do not appreciate the intelligence and hard work it requires to achieve elite leadership positions. If you could comprehend this level of accreditation, I think you would agree that it is only right that those who have earned positions of power, should use if for good in society by overriding the irrational preferences of the uninformed masses.

      • this.

        It was HARD work for those Daley kids to be Richard Daley’s children. Now that the next generation of the political dynasties are in place in power, RESPECT their hard work and intelligence. Treat it with reverence. Perhaps think about bowing in their presence.

        THEY have the titles…or credentials. You don’t. They are in most cases accredited by birthright. This is modern, socialist, progressive government! If you oppose it you are a racist.

  2. Lol.

    “many of the world’s leaders are worried that the global economy is at risk of spiralling into chaos”

    As if the economy isn’t in chaos with them at the helm!

    Those in charge have purposely ruined everything and wish to continue without resistance.

    Too bad for them.

  3. Hear, hear, MDB…at last a voice of reason in the wildnerness!

    Rights? What are these things? What about MY right not to be offended or to hear something that i do not agree with? Free speech violates my rights.

    Your guns violate my right not to get shot or live “at risk” or “in fear” or “besiesged by THE violence” as minorities and women are constantly. THE violence plagues so many people…what about their rights?

    Democracy is not something that people can be trusted with…look how they abuse it to elect people whose opinions are contrary to accredited and consensus-driven thought. It is the CURRENT YEAR, ok? These people are on the wrong side of history, so they should be banned. In fact, in some cases, in the name of tolerance, they should be violently murdered. Good riddance on the road to peace, acceptance, and diversity.

    It is high time that the elites stood up and took back the public discourse via their total control of banking and media. Many would say that these elites are only elite as a function of nepotism, like the curious overrepresentation of jews in the ivy league but not NMSQT semifinalists (see Ron Unz), but those are just jealous racists who probably didn’t know Donald Trump was anti-Semitic until his tweet that included a six-pointed red star was condemned by every liberal in existence. Because racism.

    The elites are elite for a reason. It would be better for people to simply accept what they are saying. THEY are the ones with the blue blood and the divine right of…I mean, the elite degrees and titles of nobility, I mean credentials. Accept what they are saying. When they retire, accept what their first born son is saying. And so forth.

    When something threatens diversity, it must be destroyed…Europe MUST continue massive immigration until all of Africa is in Europe. ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL though, I worry about because they have not gone multicultural and may not survive. But we have AIPAC to look out for that.

    If the masses do not like having their countries flooded with refugees from wars in Pakistan looking for a better life, then they are racist and should simply die. New wristbands will bridge the cultural gap between racists and refugees so miscommunication about sexual groping can be avoided. Along with rape and other types of violence.

    Rights are antiquated relics of a time when hereditary monarchs bestowed them upon people at whim. Now, we have a socialist system where government technocrats and hereditary political dynasties can administer such things. Remember, it is CURRENT YEAR. Things change and nothing should be allowed to threaten the progress of the past few decades.

    • Agree Trav. There is nothing wrong with being an ‘elitist’. We should all accept the consensus on issues we know little about, such as climate change, economics and immigration. These are complicated issues, and the reason we have expert leaders and accredited political advisers is so that we can focus on our own lives while others take care of the difficult stuff. All we need to do is vote for the people who know what they’re doing! Why do right wingers always think they know better than the experts!?

    • Comical. How poorly you must rate your own intellect. Did you attend a school? Ever ben involved in party politics, business? Aware of the calibre of the average elite member?

  4. I completely agree with this article. I am hoping we can just disable people’s access to the internet so I don’t have to read negative comments and offensive opinions with which I don’t agree. Talk about a failed experiment!