Why We Need to Lower the Voting Age


As the American education system has progressed, our children have become increasingly politically aware. American primary schools and high schools now educate our youths on a range of political and social issues such as privilege, inequality, climate change and gun violence. Children as young as ten years old now have strong political beliefs, and are perfectly capable of making informed voting decisions, with a little help from teachers and caregivers. Why should our youths be denied the right to vote, when they are at least as informed, if not more so, than older generations?

One theory as to why older Americans prefer to keep the voting age at eighteen, is that they fear progress. It has been demonstrated that younger people are far more liberal and forward thinking than older people. The younger the generation, the higher the proportion of democrat voters, and the smaller the proportion of republican voters.


Younger people also have far more informed views on issues such as protecting the environment and curbing gun violence, issues that older generations are decidedly ignorant on. It’s ironic that older generations are most relaxed about these issues, when it is younger generations that are most affected by the consequences such as climate change and rampant school shootings.

Older generations need to understand that young people deserve to have a say too in our political system. Young people are just as affected by new legislation as old people, so it makes no sense to deny them this right.  Ideas about how society should be organized evolve over time as younger people become eligible to vote, and the earlier this happens the faster we can progress as a society. Young people of today are the leaders of the future, and we cannot simply ignore their opinions with impunity. For a nation that ignores the needs and wants of its youth, is a nation that simply does not care for the future.


  1. MDB, your perspicacity in identifying social wrongs is just awesome! There are just so many politically aware people out there, who are DENIED the Constitutionally-protected RIGHT to vote as often as they choose.

    Imagine, being denied a protected RIGHT, just because of ageism!

    The Founders created a RIGHT, a RIGHT to vote. The Republican slime have reduced this RIGHT to almost meaninglessness.

    Young people need to vote for HILLARY, because Trump = Hitler! We all need to get out there and disclaim the views of the new Hitler.

    Keep up the excellent work, Comrade!

    • Thanks Maurice. Yes, ageism is just as pervasive and ingrained into our society as sexism and racism. Older people aren’t always wiser than younger people – a lot of the time they are just stuck in their ways and not able to see things the way young people can. The Flynn effect means that younger people are always smarter than their parents, which could explain why America is becoming more and more progressive over time. Higher IQ = more progressive.

      • MDB, it is worse than ageism – it is formally refusing political franchise to certain persons based SOLELY upon their age.

        Absolutely disgraceful conduct by the Rethugs, and is equally racist regarding minorities.

        Have you a reference to the “Flynn Effect”, as my Googling skills are not up to scratch. It is a delight to see that we are all becoming more progressive over time, and of course this is the expected outcome after capitalism has wielded the whip for so many years.

        • You’re right. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if restricting the voting age was a sinister conspiracy by rethuglicans to suppress progress in America. They probably want young people to be indoctrinated by the private sector before voting, to reduce the overwhelming support for progressive ideas. Here’s an explanation of the Flynn effect by the esteemed Huffington post:


          According to the Flynn effect, we’ll all have IQs of 180+ in the future, which will no doubt usher in a new age of progress.

          • The biggest hole in that theory, is that there are almost no more private indoctrination centers awaiting the little people when they graduate from their public indoctrination center.
            Besides that, if voting could change anything at all, it would be illegal.

            Your sarcasm is always much appreciated.

      • It’s all a plot by right wing extremist racists to deprive people of their rights.

        WHY you ask? Look at the demographics of school children. A MAJORITY are now non white. This trend is why young people are DENIED their rights…it is veiled racism!

        Like Oprah, I am waiting for old white people to die so we can have a new brown era of progress. The magic dirt we all sit on has imbued people of color with TOTALLY equal first-world ready skills, mentalities, temperaments, and IQs. This magic dirt starts precisely at the Mexican border and runs up to the top of Canada. As we are ALL totally equal, this is the only theory that makes any sense as to why USA and Canada have done so well and for example Mexico hasn’t. Because RACISM, stupid.

        The right wing will fight child voting rights because they seek nothing other than oppression of minorities. I think that’s honestly why the GOP was founded, as a party whose central platform is and was hatred of minorities.

        Children are well-known for making solid, forward-thinking decisions. This crap about “wisdom” and “experience”…this is not only thinly veiled ageism, it is out and out racism and microaggression that is institutional.

        On the Flynn Effect, global IQ is now declining. I don’t blame demographics, I blame racism and white privilege.

  2. What a garbage. You americans, go dump your veins with your fatty foods and lazy habits. With cultural relativism, your fate is the latrine.

  3. Yes, let’s focus on the brainwashed young-lings and use them to achieve UTOPIA. Maybe we can round up the dissenting older folks that don’t agree with our views. We can send them to reeducation camps to correct their evil perverted ways that come with life experience. We should break a few eggs and set examples for the rest of the lemmings to fall in line with the agenda. then we can achieve Nirvana. Progress here we come.

    • I knew you would come around, Jack! Progressive ideology and Nirvana are essentially synonymous anyways. In any case, life experience is overrated when you have the inimitable and enlightened bureaucrats of Washington nurturing and guiding us as well as expanding their sphere of influence so they can positively influence more lives. I don’t know what I would do if the IRS didn’t call me, every year after April, saying (in that lovely automated voice that only they can produce): “Hi Victor, our records indicate that you have failed to pay your fair share on time. Please pay your fair share to avoid potential jail time.”. I had no idea I would be getting such good government when I signed the proverbial Social Contract. It would certainly qualify as one of the unexpected pleasures of life.

  4. Dude MDB, this has to be the most far-fetched article of yours to date… Rein it in a bit bud 🙂

  5. Young people apparently don’t want to vote. If you look at any voter participation chart by age, young people are underrepresented.

    • Maybe that’s because the major parties are dominated by old people and old ideas. We need a full overhaul of politics as it stands. We need fresh young perspectives in politics, we’ve had enough of the same.

  6. We do not need to lower the voting age.

    We can achieve the same results by getting more young people voting. In today’s America, young people are too burdened with everyday life. Furthermore, because the stereotype is that young people don’t vote, employers refuse to give them time off to go vote. The solution is easy; we need to pass laws to ban employers from discriminating against young people.

  7. MDB, I know of you from zerohedge. So, not sure if this is satire or serious. If this is serious talk, then you are not that bright and those that follow this/your logic ..

    On the one hand, the problem is the education system ..


    “One of the most interesting by-products of Prussian schooling turned out to be the two most devastating wars of modern history. Erich Maria Remarque, in his classic All Quiet on the Western Front, tells us that the First World War was caused by the tricks of schoolmasters, and the famous Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said that the Second World War was the inevitable product of good schooling.

    It’s important to underline that Bonhoeffer meant that literally, not metaphorically: schooling after the Prussian fashion removes the ability of the mind to think for itself. It teaches people to wait for a teacher to tell them what to do and if what they have done is good or bad. Prussian teaching paralyses the moral will as well as the intellect. It’s true that sometimes well-schooled students sound smart, because they memorize many opinions of great thinkers, but they actually are badly damaged because their own ability to think is left rudimentary and undeveloped.

    On the other, it simply democracy ..


    “Voting in particular is an embarrassment, being a public display of weak character and low intelligence. Let us face the truth: Democracy, like spitting in public or the Roman games, is the proper activity of the lower intellectual and moral classes. It amounts to collusion in one’s own suckering.

    The United States of course is not a democracy but a wonderfully crafted pretense. We have separated the results of elections from the formulation of policy. It is a neat trick: Voting distracts the rabble without disturbing the government. You cannot possibly—can you?—believe that your vote will change anything of importance? That it will end the flood of semi-literate Mexican proletarians who join our own? Divert the schools from their ghettoish apotheosis of the mentally lame and halt? Cause governmental behavior to rely on merit instead of race, creed, color, sex, and national origin?”

    If one wishes for some serious policy change, then it is with the monetary system. Trump would be wise to heed Wanta’s advice. Hillary on the other should pray Wanta is never called as a material witness in her prosecution. He was [associated] with Vince Foster days before his murder ..

    https://youtu.be/C2N1Z8M4xBA (go to the 01:56 mark to the end)