Citizens Concerned About Donald Trump


The Accredited Times interviewed a diverse group of people from a range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, about their concerns about Donald Trump’s rise in the republican party. We were intrigued to learn that many Americans have dire concerns about a Trump presidency, and the responses we received raise questions about whether his support really is as great as the polls suggest. Below are some of the highlights.

Amy Swanson, Age 24 

“Donald Trump is a straight-up RACIST. I thought we defeated the Nazis in world war two, but now it looks like we’ve got our very own HITLER here at home. Who does he think he is?? Hating on African Americans, hating on women, talking about how all Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, banning Muslims. This is fucking not what America stands for ok?? Young people want Bernie!! Educated people want Bernie. If Donald Trump wins, there are gonna be riots, so your white ass better WATCH OUT . I’m talking to my black friends and they agree – he’s a straight up RACIST and we’re not going to let him destroy our country … PERIOD. ”

Philippe Fernandez, Age 26

“As a Hispanic American that immigrated here ten years ago, I’m angry about what he says about us. Building a wall is just pure hate – we need to build love, not walls. All we want is to live here like everybody else – we just want the life that privileged white Americans have, and Donald Trump is saying that we can’t have what they have. Well fuck that bullshit. California, Texas, Arizona, these places were built by Hispanics, not some gringo-ass bastards who stole land from the Native Americans. The problem with America is capitalism – capitalism means that some people get too much, while my people are left struggling. Donald Trump is part of that system, he’s part of the problem.”

Martin Weinstein, Age 52

“I run one of the largest financial services firms in the US, and over the years have been a big supporter of the Republican Party, both vocally and financially. What America needs now is a proven republican candidate that has the experience and the know-how to rebuild our economy and bring some sense to Washington. Donald Trump is absolutely not the candidate to do this. He has no experience in politics, is way off the mark on foreign policy and immigration, has four bankruptcies under his name, and really is an overall embarrassment to the republican party. The GOP cannot let itself be overrun by populism. The nomination should be reserved for serious candidates, not TV personalities. I encourage the GOP to be assertive with Trump and let him know that he cannot bully is way to the nomination.”

Jeffrey Hewett, Age 45

“Donald Trump’s fantasy that we can be friends with Russia is a complete joke. Russia is actively waging war against the people of Ukraine and supporting a brutal dictator in Syria. Russia can never be our ally, and to think otherwise is simply naive, and demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of America’s foreign policy. We have to prioritize our strategic interests in the Middle East, and right now Syria under Assad is a serious threat to the stability of the region. I also don’t believe that Trump is truly pro-Israel. In a recent GOP debate, he said that he wanted to take a ‘neutral’ stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. We don’t need someone who’s going to be ‘neutral’ when it comes to defending our allies – we need someone who is willing to protect and defend Israel no matter what. In my opinion Trump should go back to reality television and leave the foreign policy to the serious Presidential candidates who know what they’re talking about.



    • I am utterly terrified by what has happened at Emory College, Atl.

      Some racist Trumpet has written in chalk (chalk, no less!) the offensive words “Trump 2016”, down the risers of concrete stairs and thing like that.

      The swooning students consider this a micro-aggression that impinges upon their safe space.

      WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! This is not a “micro-aggression”, this is a MACRO-AGGRESSION! It is a declaration of war against everything we hold dear. It is an “in-your-face” reminder of the power of the white patriarchy, offensively placed in order to maximise its effect upon the right-thinking.

      The idealistic concept of “freedom of speech” should not be extended to Nazis like Trump, or their fellow-travellers.

      Shut him down, before it is too late!

  1. TRUMP = HITLER. Don’t you all see this? He is a characteristic narcissistic demagogue, who plans to be the President of the World. Indeed, the Galaxy.

    A base intellect rabble-rouser who through the masterful and insane use of rhetoric, influences feeble fly-over state minds.

    His hatred of “the other” is palpable.

    I mean, threatening to build a Southern Border wall? How raaacist is that? That wall is not designed to keep out white males, nosiree!

    It is designed to keep out inferior races, who Trump has maligned as thieves, rapists, drunk drivers and gang-bangers.

    It’s not designed to protect Mexico and other countries from elderly white males crossing over for weekends of debauchery and paedophilia, throwing around US Dollars as if they actually meant something. Oh, no, we can’t stop THAT side of the trade!

    MDB says: “He will NEVER be president. Just ACCEPT it.”

    Truer words were never spoken. Because everyone knows that TRUMP = HITLER, and everyone has wondered how different the world would be if someone took out Adolf Hitler in 1933 or so, there is no doubt that some hero of the revolution will be thinking about sighting and adjusting their scope.

    Nope, Trump will never be President.

    • An eloquent elucidation, Kaboom, on the multitude of fallacies surrounding the presidential campaign of Sulla Jr. We need to build Rainbows on the southern border (as well as the Middle East) rather than F-22s’. This hateful, bigoted and demagogic candidate divides us rather than unites us.

      I wish we could keep our current, NOBEL PRIZE WINNING leaders around longer. Accredited journalists and Political Pundits from award-winning media outlets have all called for #4moreyears with our glorious leader.

      These last 16 years (including another wise and duly qualified leader in GWB) have been nothing short of miraculous. Quantitative Easing to patch up a failing economy (record profits, say what?!), a revolutionary and humane healthcare system, the administering of military summary judgment to bad guys all over the world, the wise implementation of the Patriot Act (to keep us safe of course), complimentary massages at the airport courtesy of the TSA, the prescient TARP program that saved the financial system and spared us further calamities and many, many more treasures bestowed upon us by our righteous leaders.

  2. Sage words. Trump is the physical embodiment of evil not seen since the last Hitler, who was Milosevic…or Saddam…or…wait…was it Assad? Anyway…the dude is fucking HITLER.

    Everything Trump has done in his life speaks to that. He CLEARLY wants to kill 7.00 million jews just like HITLER and the NAZIS did.

    Did I mention HITLER and NAZIS?

    We don’t need walls, we need cheap, exploitable labor and democrat voters! And we should spread any real costs among the population, not the rich. Well maybe the rich who vote GOP, yes. They should pay.

    Any “cost” to the economy will be MORE than offset by the diversity and enrichment and vibrancy more immigrants add. Who can put any dollar value on that? Think of all the different ethnic restaurants and…think of those.