Ending Discrimination Against Personality-Enhanced Individuals


The self-healing of society continues. Only a few years ago, same-sex attraction was still deemed a ‘disorder’, as were other naturally-occurring phenomena like transgenderism and transvestism.

Thankfully, we have made tremendous progress since those dark days. For many thousands of years, our world was entirely backward in its thinking. Indeed, it is only very recently that basic human rights like same-sex marriage were enshrined in law. We can now compel bigoted Christian bakers to make cakes with all manner of inclusive language written in icing. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Are we now ready to take the next bold step by recognizing the rights of another oppressed group? Today, we highlight the issue of people with multiple personalities, referred to with the acronym PE-EN. To understand this issue better, we spoke with Denise Ghanaa of the Personality-Enhanced Information Society (PE-ENIS).

AT: Welcome, Denise. Tell us, how big a deal is this?

DG: It’s a major issue. There are many people today with multiple personalities and yet this is still treated as a mental ´illness’. We at PE-ENIS are seeking to educate and reform society so as to end discrimination eventually.

AT: What sort of discrimination are we talking about?

DG: Well, the idea that each of us is an individual is entirely a social construct. The word individual is in itself terribly hurtful to PE-EN people, who are still labeled with hateful words like schizophrenics or, worse, schitzoids. The truth is that several different people can and do co-exist harmoniously in the same physical body. Society needs to recognize and celebrate this.

AT: What changes would you like to see introduced in law?

DG: Well, for starters we want PE-EN people to be able to access the restrooms that conform to their gender at any one time, depending of course on the specific person which is then animating the body. Restroom access is a basic human right. After that, we want to see equal pay.

AT: Can you explain what you mean by equal pay?

DG: (Appears shocked) Isn’t it obvious? Lordy, where do I begin? Ok, take several of our members Steve, Sue, Terence, Charity, Mohammed, Onan and Keith who all co-dwell in what you might call a women’s body. All of them are currently employed by an advertising agency. Each of them contribute creative ideas to the business continuously. Disgustingly, they all have to share one person’s salary. We would make this modern day slavery illegal and force the employer to pay a salary to each of Steve, Sue, Terence, Charity, Mohammed, Onan and Keith.

AT: This seems only fair. Nonetheless, there must be hateful cynics who will question the concept of equal pay for multiple personalities.

DG: We will overcome, one day. We owe it to people like Onan.

AT: Denise, thank you for your time. We wish you and all your PE-ENIS members the best in your endeavors.

After speaking with Denise, we feel better informed about this oppressed group. We urge all our AT readers to spread awareness of this terrible injustice still going on.


PE-ENIS?? You boys should grow up, and get a pair!



Flagged as transphobic for assuming that the editors of the AT are all cis-men.


I’m not familira with the complicated world of cis-men and specialized gender restroom access you boys have on this progressive site but I’m a willing learner specially if it gets me a red flagging and shames me into looking up the meaning of TRANSPHOBIC. Where else could I get such a well rounded education?


Fascinating scoop Pbier! This is an injustice I must admit even I was unaware of. Now that I’m educated, I will proceed to castigate anyone who doesn’t know about this issue – ignorance is no excuse! Hillary herself even admitted having both a “private” and “public” persona, so she is in fact PE-EN. People criticizing her for having different positions on policy publicly and privately are therefore being transpersonalityphobic, and need to check their cis-personality privilege! This is the Current Year for goodness sake!! Get a grip America!!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I am so glad that AT has brought this into the open.
I have a good friend who has multiple personalities as well.
One of the most evil things that a person can say to them is “Go Fuck yourself”
Imagine the confusion this statement creates! Do they mean Steven fuck Sue or Charity. It is just cruel. Especially when not all personalities are cis.

I would also like for Accredited Times to do an article on a few friends of mine who are Bulimic and Anorexic. Just as Trans look at their body and know it is wrong, Anorexics view their bodies as wrong too. Yet they are often ostracized and treated as an illness. Some are even force fed by medical institutions. They often have to hide this from even close family members. This discrimination has to be stopped.

Quasi MOTO s Dog Waldo
Quasi MOTO s Dog Waldo

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when words are said often, the meaning of it diminishes
so, when we repeat or wishes over and over, chances are, they become mere words, hanging out of our lips, meaningless.

Meaning is the basis of our lives
we exist upon different premises
different means

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Quasi MOTO s Cat Golden Pussy

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carbon trader
carbon trader

Pbier has given an explanation of French mathematician René Descartes’ saying Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am).

We know there is no PE-ENIS society, and no Denise Ghanaa. It is all in Pbier’s head. But by imagining it up, he has become Personality Enhanced, and joined the PE-ENIS society.

Onan, can you try your camel urine cure on Pbier, with a sweetener of his choice?