Texas House Passes Bill To Criminalize Cyber-Bullying


The new legislation was passed 130 to 11 on Friday. Known as “David’s Law,” the bill honors the memory of David Molak, a San Antonio 16-year-old who killed himself in January 2016 following relentless online harassment.

David’s law makes it compulsory for schools to fully enforce anti cyber-bullying policy. Schools must also make means for students to safely pass information to law enforcement. The law will give law enforcement the online tools it needs to unmask and prosecute nasty bullies.

Although the Accredited Times would have liked to see cyber-bullying carry felony charges the law delivers the next best thing, making hateful words on the internet a class A misdemeanor with six months jail for a first time offender and twelve months if a hateful bully dare post even more awful words online.

There is expected to be a statewide crackdown on all forms of cyber-bulling. The criminalizing of trolls will bring much relief to the many thousands who have been traumatized by words that they don’t like on the internet. Offenders who are caught operating sock-puppets, zombies, zombie sock-puppets, and catfish will face real hard-time – as will flamers, outers, and tricksters.

It’s great news that finally state government is starting to take cyber-bullying seriously but because cyber-bullying is international in scope the legislation needs to be implemented at the higher government level of the UN. Enforcement must in no ways be restricted by either state or national boarders if the scourge of hateful, criminal, words is to be arrested – this is only possible if the legislation is globally inclusive.

Texas must be commended for legislating to make speech safe and free of hate but it also highlights the urgent need to get global agreement on regulating the internet to stop offensive online words causing even more deaths.

Cyber-bullying is a sensitive topic and the Accredited Times urges any of our readers who may have experienced hateful words hurting them to take screenshots and contact the appropriate authorities. 

8 Types of Cyber-bullying

  1. Flaming: Online fights usually through emails, instant messaging  or chat rooms where angry and rude comments are exchanged.
  2. DenigrationPutting mean online messages through email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or websites set up to make fun of someone.
  3. Exclusion: Intentionally leaving someone out of a group such as instant messaging, friend sites, or other online group activities.
  4. Outing: Sharing secrets about someone online.
  5. Trickery: Tricking someone.
  6. Impersonation: (sock-puppeteering) Pretending to be someone else when sending or posting.
  7. Harassment: Repeatedly sending messages to someone online.
  8. Cyberstalking: Felony harassment and denigration.

This is great news! This is only the first step though. Eventually we need to monitor and control ALL speech to make sure everyone likes everything that is being said by everyone else at all times, unless they are a conservative bigot who deserves to hear things they don’t like. And then after that, we need to monitor thoughts too, because negative thoughts are a precursor to negative speech.

I walk around with a frown on my face wherever I go and demand that people respect and not offend me. I find almost everything people say to me offensive, and people need to adapt to my preferences or go to jail. I’m a progressive and that’s just the way it is so GET USED TO IT.


I’m glad there are finally laws against sock-puppets – they’ve done a lot of damage in the past 🙁


We really need to force everyone to get a verified facebook account connected to all of their phone numbers and email addresses, and then we need a global law requiring this to be your only online account, which you use to log into every website. This way, people cannot hide, and whatever they say can be tracked back to their true identity. Speech offenders can then be monitored through their numerous smart gadgets such as smart phones, smart computers, smart TVs, smart cars and smart homes.

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Thank you, I’ve already connected everything to my FarceBook account. All readers of AT should do that too.

India already requires everyone to link everything (bank accounts, license, phone SIMs, travel) to their secure biometric ID called Aadhaar. No one knows from which putrid cesspools the biometric ID pushers came from, but over there, everyone feels wonderful that this time all crime will be eliminated, there will be no black money, no fake or duplicate people, no fake news, no beef and no vodka.

Here’s some fun article – http://www.thehindu.com/thread/politics-and-policy/who-is-in-contempt-of-justice-karnan-or-the-court/article18456851.ece

Someone has become the Chief Justice of India without a basic understanding of the Constitution! And the entire Supreme Court backs the Chief Justice acting as if they were nothing better than a mob.
This was the same Chief Justice who mandated linking of phone SIMs with Aadhaar with a one year deadline, a decision that belongs to the legislature and executive branches of govt. Of course the Indian legislature and executive branches are fully compromised, it really doesn’t make any difference.
Enjoy the NWO!

Marinated Le Pen
Marinated Le Pen

Correction – “legislative and executive branches”